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hey, friend! I'm mattie.

Everyday MAGIC Maker
Millennial Liberian Girl
Likely Wearing A Dress
Charcuterie Club President

I’m the girl who tells you where I bought my dress and reminds you to go to therapy. 

a good time. a safe space. a community.

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My private community of exclusive content and meaningful connections is like if you mixed lunch with your girls + IG Live + book club all in one.

Life is good…and more. It’s even better when we do it together. 

you're not alone.

Every day can be a lot. But when you do it with purpose (and community), you can thrive and love it.

I used to be the queen of being overwhelmed by my things to do list. Between wrestling to get the kids to school on time, scrambling to meet a deadline for work, and forgetting to schedule grocery pick-up for later, I’d look up & everyone would ask, “what’s for dinner?” – it was just *a lot.*

But then I realized when you recognize the season you’re in,
plan accordingly,  ask for help, and use what works for you – every day can be
meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, goal-oriented, intentional, and consistent,
aka MAGIC.

I’m here to help you find your own.

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    SPOILER: Everyone has a gift that makes them MAGIC. We have to discover it on purpose. Your gift is your MAGIC touch. Everyone has a gift that leans more meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, goal-oriented, intentional, or consistent. 

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    #1 New Release

    Ever feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred directions? SAME. But good news, you don’t have to anymore. My book will help you rediscover your why, identify what matters most & find joy in doing the work every day.

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    Products that make every day more manageable and a little bit more MAGIC are my ministry.  Here are some of my style, family, and home favorites in the shop.

    Allow me to introduce myself

    Wife & mom of 3.
    Miss Liberia USA.
    Bestselling author.
    Lifestyle expert.

    I used to daydream of creating content, inspiring women & running my own company. Thanks to God’s grace, it’s now a reality. 

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    The MAGIC of Outside is that it forces us to be present (yes, put your phone down), try new things and enjoy the wonderfulness that is summer. 

    The truth is, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to skincare and beauty. Each of us has different skin types, lifestyles, and goals.

    You probably need a new bra. No shame in that. But we need to take something we wear on our bodies every day more seriously.