Having a lot of followers isn’t enough.

Influence isn’t your problem. Monetizing it is.

I get it.

You’re struggling with taking your business as an influencer to the next level.

You know you’re supposed to pitch, but creating content & growing your following takes a lot of work that often leaves you feeling overwhelmed. And when you do pitch, brands not responding to you and only getting offers for free products is frustrating. Your correspondence was professional but you don’t know what to say when it comes to asking for money. It feels like you can’t get anything right.

The truth is, you have what it takes to make the money you want working with brands. You just don’t know what it is. Getting clear and aware of your value is necessary to win the influencer game. But you don’t have to do it alone. As your coach, I’ll show you play by play how to stay consistent, turn free offers into paid ones and pitch confidently.

if you want a group program

The Influencer Accelerator

My 5 week virtual group coaching program designed to help influencers post content consistently, leverage their influencer value and pitch brands strategically.

if you want one-on-one

The Influencer Intensive

A 3 hour one-on-one coaching session (in person or virtual) for influencers who are or want to be full time where we establish their press kit, pricing and process for content creation, brand partnerships and business development.

the receipts

check out what previous students had to say

Within a month of applying the advice from our first call, my blog’s website traffic grew.

“Within a month of applying the advice from our first call, my blog’s website traffic grew, as well as increased engagement on Instagram with the addition of 200+ new followers. I began to really connect the purpose behind my posts. What message am I trying to get across? What story does this image tell? How can this content be beneficial to other Regal Ladies who come across it? I can attest that working with Mattie has helped build my confidence in this blogging world.”

– Tasha Renee, @iamtashabutler

After implementing her skills, I signed my first $5,000 brand deal!

“Mattie gave me the motivation and confidence to start charging more on campaigns and how to justify my higher rates to brands. She also helped me understand important things to look out for before signing a contract and which small nuances can actually be more money added to my paycheck. After implementing her skills and waiting for the right brand to come along, I signed my first $5,000 brand deal!”

– Joi Wade, @joiwade

The calls I had with Mattie gave me permission to think bigger than i ever thought was possible. 

“The calls I had with Mattie really propelled my mindset and actually gave me permission to think bigger than I even thought was possible for myself. She also helped me think through HOW I was going to achieve my goals by sharing her expertise and walking me through how to pitch brands. We also talked about the strategy I should have in place when the doors of possibility start to open. From start to finish Mattie helped me think through my goals and put a framework in place for me to proceed with purpose.”

– Karina Mora