Why You Need SPF

Aug 5, 2019 | Beauty, Featured

Everyone needs SPF. Yes, even you. No matter how much you think you don’t, you’re wrong. “Black don’t crack” is an age old myth because it turns out Black will crack if you don’t slather it with SPF, stay hydrated and mind your business.

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I’ll be the first to admit that in my twenties I didn’t take skin care as seriously as I should have. My skin care routine truly wasn’t established until I was 28, which is when I started taking things like wearing SPF and eye cream seriously.

Even if you don’t “need” SPF right now because your skin is flourishing (allegedly) it’s inevitable that you will. In my latest video (below), I discuss exactly why you need SPF and how much of it you should be wearing.

In the video, I share what SPF is: Sun Protection Factor. We’ve seen the acronym SPF for so long, many of us didn’t even know what it meant (myself included) and what it actually meant pertaining to a product. SPF and whatever number comes after it simply states how much sun protection factor is in a product.

SPF 15 = low protection

You should probably layer an SPF 15 product with another SPF that’s 30 or higher.

SPF 30 = moderate protection 

It’s fine, but coupling this with another SPF 15 or 30 would be better.

SPF 50 = ample protection 

Great coverage of SPF. Using a product at this level usually has you covered.

If you’re active like working out or swimming, you should certainly reapply your SPF every 60-80 minutes. Simply everyday activity like runnings errands or going to work (where you’re not sweating) doesn’t call for reapplying.

So here are the two reasons you need SPF. To protect yourself from UV (ultraviolet rays). The sun is beautiful but its rays can be damaging to our skin if we don’t protect it. You should SPF every single day because even when the sun isn’t out, we are getting daylight from its rays which will still affect our skin the moment we walk outside.

There are two types of UV rays:

UVA Rays

These rays are the most dangerous in my opinion because they are long lasting. They burn the second layer of your dermis which causes you to age. (This is why I slather SPF every single day.)

UVB Rays 

These ultraviolet rays can burn the top layer of the dermis which causes sunburn, redness and eventually peeling. 

Wearing SPF daily is an essential part of your skincare that should be prioritized. Even if you don’t sunburn easily, SPF is anti-aging and helps preserve the integrity of your skin. All the more reason to wear it. 


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