Because today is Caliana’s birthday, I knew I wouldn’t be cooking today. I’ll be happily ordering takeout from our local seafood market and making some veggies at home as a healthy side dish option. For the rest of the week, we’ll be eating the usual – chicken, turkey, salmon, red potatoes, rice and veggies. 

Roasted lemon chicken thighs with red potatoes

Growing up, I was only into white meat chicken and as I’ve gotten older I truly understand how great chicken thighs are. They’re so flavorful and delicious. I like to season them with salt, pepper, onion, garlic & cilantro, sear it and bake mine at 425 until cooked through – juicy and brown. I chop up some red potatoes and broccoli and roast them as the perfect side. This recipe helped me tweak my recipe.

Salmon with veggies and wild rice

We all – baby included – love eating salmon. I’ll grab a couple of wild caught filets and pan sear with some wild rice (thanks Uncle Ben) and green beans or broccoli. 

Cheese tortellini with meat sauce

I gave the kids tortellini last week for lunch with leftover meat sauce and it was a hit. I’m all about repeating what works, so this will be a dinner option for us with a side salad to ensure we get our veggie intake.

Takeout (wings with fries and a sweet treat)

Because we’ll eat chicken early in the week, we’ll end the work week with it as well. To give the girls and I something to do, we’ll bake cookies or cupcakes in the afternoon and enjoy as a treat with dinner. It’s the perfect recipe for an easy Friday. 

And that’s what for dinner this week.
What’s your family eating this week that you can’t wait to make (or order)?