What I’d Like To Make For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner This Week

Sep 21, 2020 | Home

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Last week was a huge success in the meal planning department here at the James house. I only ordered takeout once and actually followed my meal plan. I mentioned on Instagram that the one thing I did different last week (and this time around) was base my meals off of what I already had in the fridge and pantry versus buying all new food and ingredients to cook Pinterest perfect meals. Listen, going off of the rhythm of my family’s preference made for a simple weekly meal plan that the kids actually at and enjoyed throughout the week. It was so good I had to repeat and share with you guys.

One thing that I have been loving is my Our Place Always Pan. (Which is now in lavender!) I love the spice color it is and that it’s non toxic as well as non stick. I’ve been doing everything from searing chicken, fish and veggies in there and even heating up leftovers. It’s just my go to as far as cooking is concerned as of late. (Use code THEMATTIEJAMES to get $10 off!)

I mentioned that I created this week’s meal plan based off of what I usually already have in the house based off of my family’s eating habits and preference.

Our go to fruits:

green grapes

Our go to veggies are:

green beans
mixed greens
red pepper
sweet peppers
red potatoes
red onions
yellow onions

Our pantry staples are:

Black beans
Pinto beans
Penne pasta
Flour tortillas
Jasmine rice
Wild rice
Marinara (or some form of red) sauce
Alfredo sauce
Honey nut cheerios
Peanut butter
Multigrain bread

Our fridge staples are almost always:

Strawberry jam
Grape jelly
Butter and vegan butter
Smoked turkey (deli)
Colby jack cheese
String cheese
Gogurt (for the girls)
Canned breakfast biscuits
Bacon (from the local meat market)

Freezer staples are:

Mahi mahi
Chicken wings
Chicken thighs
Ground turkey
French fries

Knowing this, I built my meals around these items since I tend to buy them anyways because of our eating habits and preferences. When you see fruit or veggies referenced below, it’ll be for any of the things mentioned above. Approaching meal planning this way has been noticeably more stress free and successful because I’m following a natural rhythm. I’m more likely to cook because these are things I’m familiar with which is also why we’re likely to actually eat it with minimal pushback from the kids. It’s such a domestic dream – no, really.

This week is Maizah’s birthday, so my mom and dad will be in town. She’s having a little party with her sister and cousin, so this weekend has a little wiggle room for takeout (and mom cooking!). Saturday morning is pancake day at our house where Chris spoils us with pancakes from scratch – sometimes it’s with all the fixins or just fruit!

Here’s what I’m hoping to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week.


BreakfastBiscuits or toast, bacon & fruit
LunchChick Fil A
Dinnersalmon Alfredo fettuccine pasta with spinach


Breakfastcereal or granola, fruit & yogurt
Lunchturkey sliders with fries and fruit
Dinnerchicken tacos with yellow rice and black beans


BreakfastToast with bacon, fruit and avocado
LunchTurkey and cheese wraps with chips and fruit
DinnerWild rice with mahi-mahi & veggies


Breakfastgreen smoothie bowl with granola and berries
Lunch leftover chicken with rice & beans and fruit
Dinnerspaghetti with meat sauce (ground turkey)


Breakfastcorn muffins with fruit
Lunchleftover spaghetti with fruit
DinnerTakeout wings and fries with birthday cake


DinnerMom cooking – African food!

Hopefully this inspires your meal plan for the week – trust I look for inspiration anywhere I can find it. Here’s to a productive week!


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