What I Learned Last Week

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Another week in quarantine. For me and my family, this was week 5 and we’re about to enter week 6 of social distancing. It’s been a mix of emotions for me - exhausted, hopeful, overwhelmingly concerned, frustrated, sad and joyful that I get to have so much quality time with my family. I will say that my overachiever tendencies have tried to sneak in and steal that joy when the house isn’t perfectly clean. Here are the 3 things I learned this week.

  • the house doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be peaceful 
  • I’m taking social distancing really serious 
  • God is still the greatest

Turns out, your family doesn’t care if the house is in perfect Pinterest-worthy mode around the clock. Caliana would rather us dance to Baby Shark (Faster) 10 times in a row than do her laundry. Maizah would rather draw pictures of mermaids with me than old the dishwasher. Christian would rather I feed him than do anything else. And yeah, watching an episode of Kim’s Convenience with Hubs is more important than sweeping the kitchen. And while making sure my house is together is important, keeping peace in my home is a priority. No one says I can’t clean - it just comes second to being present with my family.

After chatting with some family members, I’m really happy that we’re all taking social distancing seriously. I literally have not seen any other person outside of my house with the exception of Erica when we shot photos at my house for the blog. But even we shut that down 3 weeks ago after having a serious conversation about what’s going on in the world. There’s no room to get comfortable with COVID-19. We need to stay home and flatten the curve for good. It’s necessary to move forward.

It has been heartbreaking to hear stories of people losing loved ones to this brutal virus. I pray for peace and comfort over everybody during this time - especially those who have the virus. What I’ve realized more than ever is that God is still the greatest. While He obviously did not cause the virus, He is using this time for us to be with our families more, to join forces from afar and bless others and even cheer on our healthcare heroes. When we get on the other side of this - and we will - we will be better. If you’re reading this and you woke up this morning, you’re blessed. And if you don’t do anything else today - STAY ENCOURAGED.