This is a new weekly series where I reflect on the lessons I learned last week. You guys really seemed to like last week’s Instagram post, so I thought I’d make it a regular. After all, there’s always room to learn.

Lately I’ve been praying explicitly and dangerously holding nothing back. I’ve been everything from enthusiastic, angry and even bewildered when I talked to God this week and it’s brought me closer to Him than ever. I’ve been very disciplined when it comes to posting here on the blog and just planning ahead overall. Many of you have asked how I’ve been planning my content and getting so much done. The difference is that the blog isn’t just important to me, it’s a priority.

LESSON: What’s important will be considered. What’s prioritized will get done.

I’ve gotten back on my early 5am wake ups. When I’m up that early, I’m not getting work done. I’m spending time in silence, praying, reading and journaling. It sets the official theme of my day. It allows me to start my day in action versus reaction. That uninterrupted time is unmatched.

LESSON: A day in action will always be more productive than a day in reaction.

Lately, I’ve been praying for the spirit of discernment so I can recognize anything that’s deterring me from the purpose He has for me. Plus, anything I want for myself, I pray it’s alignment with His plans for me. You know, because Jeremiah 29:11. Because no matter how much I plan ahead, it will never trump His. My plans are important. His plans are priority.

LESSON: Plan ahead, but God’s plan will always come first.

What did you learn last week?