January 22, 2020

To My Son, Christian

Dear Christian,

You were such a pleasant surprise – both when I found out I was pregnant with you and when I went into labor with you. You see you were due January 17, so when you arrived on January 1 no one was expecting it. It was such a treat though because you and your grandfather share a birthday.

The moment I found out I was pregnant with you, I wanted a son. Your sisters Maizah and Caliana are such a treat and I love being their momma. Growing up I never had a brother, so I wanted to have a son so your sisters could have that experience. Plus we had picked out such a great name for you. 

Your name is Christian Melokhule. So many people ask why we didn’t name you Christopher Jr. but your dad didn’t want a junior. It was important to him that you have your own identity. Christian means “like Christ” and Melokhule is a Xhosa/Zulu name that means “stand for what is right.” You’ve only been here for a few days but so far, half of the family calls you Christian and the other calls you Melo. Your personality is pretty mellow, so the shortened take on your middle name seems appropriate.

You’re so strong and vocal (you don’t cry much but when you do, you make sure you’re heard) and I’m so honored God trusted me with the privilege of raising you. Your dad, sisters and I are all so fascinated with you. 

I pray a thousandfold favor over you every single day of your life as long as you should live. Our goal as your parents is to lead by example, parent with love, grace and kindness while intentionally giving you our very best every single day. 

A few days before you were born, I prayed and asked God to show me the word of for 2020 and He said, COMPLETE. You arriving on the first day of New Year confirmed just that. You are the last piece of our family puzzle – you make it complete. What a blessing you are!

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