This post is sponsored by Mary Kay. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Let’s talk skincare. (The most important part of my skincare routine, to be specific). Now that I’m in my thirties, as much as I love makeup, I would consider myself a skincare junkie. I love cleansing, moisturizing and masking my skin. Plus, makeup just looks better on you when you take care of your skin. 

All skincare is important to me, but without question, the most important part of my routine is taking care of the skin under my eyes.

I’ll be honest, in my 20’s I didn’t care about under my eyes. I was so naive. “I’m young! I’m not one of those people who has to take care of my undereyes. Eye cream doesn’t even really work.” Just young and dumb. But now I’ve seen the light. Not only do I faithfully wear eye cream, but I’ve even turned to Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches, which keep my under eye skin hydrated.

First of all, they’re such a pretty product. The sparkly pink color of the patches totally caught my attention. But once I put them on, I was instantly sold. Hello, hydration. It’s me. Mattie. I used to deny you in my 20’s. I once was lost. But now I’m found. 

And for those of you who have questions: yes, it’s non comedogenic and suitable for those with sensitive eyes or even if you wear contacts! (I wear contact lenses and these didn’t bother me a bit.) They’ve also been clinically shown to instantly boost skin hydration. That’s my favorite song: instant results.

Here’s why I also love the Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches so much – they are totally a multitask-while-you-moisturize kind of product. So I can put these on, throw in a load of laundry, jump on a quick call, all while the patches do their magic. Plus, they’re suitable for all skin types.

So without question – taking care of my under eye skin is the most important part of my skin care routine. Eye cream is good, but taking time out to give your undereyes extra hydration with the Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches is even better.

A huge thanks to Mary Kay for sponsoring this post.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica Simmons