The 3 Best Platforms To Build An Online Brand

On this episode of the Mattie James Podcast, we are going to talk about platforms. We’re all seeing that this online thing is pretty lucrative, and if done right, can be long lasting. I want to talk about the best three because there are so many options. There are so many people on Instagram and Facebook, which whom I very impressed by, because so many people swear they don’t “use” Facebook, but are still on it. The question of a platform came from one of my followers and I thought this would make a great podcast. Listen below.

Have A Blog (2:12)
People are convinced that blogging is dead. It absolutely is not. People still enjoy reading long form content. It is incredibly important because you own that. You own the content on your blog. I like to call it digital real estate. You bought the domain just like you would land and you had to purchase hosting, so it’s all yours. I love social media, but essentially, it’s rented space. You don’t own Instagram. If something were to happen to IG, you’d lose everything. It’s highly unlikely Instagram would go away, but if they change the algorithm (again) you’re at their mercy. Your blog AND email list should be priority. It should be the top priority. Your email list is important because even if you stop blogging for whatever reason, it’s still a way to reach or notify your audience.

YouTube (4:51)
If you’re not looking to do extensive video content because you don’t like the whole talking in front of a camera thing, that’s okay. However, you need to make some kind of video content if you want to grow in 2019 – in some way. No one is doing it better than YouTube. I think it’s safe to say that YouTube is here to stay. 80 percent of online content will be video by the end of 2020. That’s huge. So, if you weren’t planning on doing video, you might want to consider that. I’m not saying that you have to put up a vlog of your family everyday, but you do need to consider making video part of your strategy.

Instagram (8:05)
It’s no secret that brands and companies alike are willing to spend on Instagram content. By the time we get to the end of 2019, we are going to exceed $2 billion on influencer marketing on Instagram alone. With over a billion monthly Instagram users, there’s enough room for everyone. You don’t have to have a million followers to make a million dollars from Instagram. And it’s going to keep getting bigger and it is the influencer marketing platform.

What are your three go to platforms for your blog or business?

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