10 Sweaters You Should Buy This Week

Jan 28, 2019 | Featured, Outfits

Maybe I wasn’t doing it right before, but finding sweaters for women on sale was quite the task. Especially when it came to shopping online. I would either totally now see anything I liked or I would have to physically go into a store (and who wants to do that?) to find a sweater that I ended being over by the end of the month.


PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica Simmons

Usually, I find it way easier for me to find sweaters for Hubs (men’s sweaters are so good and easy to find) and even for the girls.

This season though, I’ve had much better luck with finding sweaters for women on sale thanks to MANGO. They’re currently having a fantastic sale (70% off is the kind morale I can get behind). I recently bought a couple of their sweaters that not only do I love but I get so many compliments on. They’re good guys. And even better now that they’re more than half off.

Here are 10 sweaters from MANGO you should buy this week.


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