I’ve shared before that the girls go to school year round but they have a couple of two week long breaks during the summer. (And because Christian is 18 months old, he’s home during the day and always ready for a good time.) The kids are 6, 3 and 1 which I cannot believe – it feels like I just gave birth to Maizah (my oldest) not too long ago. And while keeping the kids busy during the day can seem daunting, it’s such a treat to get to spend time with them.


I recently just got the book The Family Board Meeting and the author explains that we only have 18 summers with our little ones. Sure, the goal and hope is that we’ll spend time with our kids when they become adults, but technically they’ll be with us for 18 summers and the should make the most of it. 

When you put in perspective, you really only have however old your kids are minus 18. So that means we only have 12 more summers with Maizah, 15 more summers with Caliana and 17 more summers with Christian. Time waits for no man. 

This has shifted my mindset for sure and allowed me to think about summertime activities for the kids with a sense of urgency. 

Here are a few things that I have planned with the kids this summer. 

Going to Tybee Island was the first trip we took as a family post pandemic and we had lots of fun. We went in April and the kids had a blast. It was Christian’s first time at a beach and it was great seeing them enjoy themselves after spending an entire year in the house. 

We’ll be going again next weekend and I’m going a lot more prepared for everything – the car ride (it’s a 4 hour drive) and the beach. I always seemed to forget to bring sand toys and when we stop at the local Wal-Mart near the beach they’re always sold out. So I’m going to prepare for this go around. 

I always bring two or three swimsuit options for the kids depending on spills, accidents or preference. Target and J. Crew have been my go for them and they have some great options. 

Savannah and Tybee always make for a simple weekend trip where we break the monotony of home summer life.

Beach Toy Sets

Beach Towels (can be personalized!)

We are so fortunate to have lots of space in our backyard. While we won’t be designing and furnishing it until next year, we have been using the open outdoor space for lots of fun water activities. We have a few blow up pools and sprinklers that take a few minutes to inflate but give us hours of fun. My nephews and niece came over this week and all the kids had such a blast. Here’s what we’re using this summer to guarantee some backyard fun:

Sprinklers for the Backyard

Inflatable Pools for the Backyard

Atlanta has great museums and attractions and Hubs got us memberships to the High Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens and the Children’s Museum. While we had memberships for the last couple of years we certainly were not able to take advantage in 2020. Because things are opening up again, we’re excited to take advantage of them this season. We’ve been to the Botanical Gardens recently and it was glorious. We took the double stroller, had lunch there and took lots of pictures.

We do a great job with family outings as a group, but really going to start incorporating more one on one dates with the kids with each parent. It’s important to get to know the kids as people – and for them to know us – outside of our familial roles. I think that this will benefit and grow our bonds not only individually but collectively. 

The key to do this will be allowing the kid to plan the date (for Christian, we’ll keep at parks, walks and simpler activities until he’s old enough to choose) and then end the date with a meal. Meals allow personal conversations and hopefully understanding one another on a deeper level. 

And that’s what I have planned for the kids this summer. I’d love to know – what do you guys have planned for your kids this summer?