Summer Denim Jumpsuit

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PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons


This denim jumpsuit really put a smile on my face. It looks like it’s khaki or linen, but the denim texture is durable enough for whatever the kids (literally) throw my way. Aside from Chris and the kids, shopping for new clothes and decor for the house has been my light at the end of the tunnel during the pandemic. They’ve shut down Atlanta again - not that I was out and about like that when they opened it - but I’m losing hope fast. So, I had to make home nice - real nice. My porch included. And suddenly summer isn’t looking so bad. Especially because I’m finding some great summer everyday clothes like this denim jumpsuit.

I’m looking for more one pieces like this - love this and this - this look made me realize how much I love a jumpsuit in the summer. 

Also, I’ve never considered myself a porch person, but obviously these are unprecedented times. I was excited about getting my patio together but between me and you, my front porch is my new favorite spot of the house because of the furniture. I try my best to sneak out there and drink coffee before the kids wake and it’s really so great. I plan on adding a few more things before I officially reveal it to you guys, but it’s a treat just as it is. That could be being an old person and I’m fine with that. Being outside during the summer (and global pandemic) is a treat I’m happy to enjoy.