What’s been so cool lately is seeing the toys I used to play with make a comeback. Recently, we were sent the new Polly Pocket toys from Mattel and the girls were so excited to play with them. It was very nostalgic for me because Polly Pocket was one of those toys that I always wanted for my birthday or Christmas as a gift. They were always so colorful and had fun secret compartments. 

The girls favorite of their new toys is the Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park which has 7 play areas, Polly and Shani dolls, 2 unicorns and 25 surprises. The roller coaster is the standout for sure. The Rainbow Funland also has a Ferris wheel and unicorn carousel (which Maizah loves) with seven castle play areas including three turrets, a throne room, gift shop, game room and food court. 

They’ve also been having fun with the new Polly Pocket Spin ‘n Surprise Compact Playset which is too cute. It’s shaped like an ice cream cone and can be worn like a purse. The Spin ‘n Surprise Playground has a lid that opens and 3 levels that spin out to reveal 3 floors of fun. They’ve also been enjoying the Polly Pocket Spin N’ Reveal Juice Can as well.

We had such a blast playing together. It’s fun to see the girls using their imagination and get excited as they find new Polly Pocket surprises. I know it’s my favorite part of playing as well. Be sure to check out the new season of Polly Pocket on Netflix