Organizing My Laundry Room with The Container Store

Sep 2, 2020 | Home

When I had to figure out how to organize my laundry room, I knew that The Container Store would have what I needed. Bins, hampers, baskets – they usually have such great containers to store things in. 

So when I learned more about the Elfa system to organize my laundry room more thoroughly, I was blown away by the options. Lots of options are nice, but can be overwhelming. The Container Store has Virtual In-Home Design to help you customize your space to know exactly what to purchase (and to make sure it’s right specifically for you). The best part? The process was painless – straight to the point and incredibly helpful.

The Virtual In-Home Design only took a couple of calls. The first call was to identify my needs, my budget and confirm what space I would need my Elfa system for. To me, this call was where I had my biggest breakthrough. Once my designer learned my needs, he was able to suggest so many possible good ideas off the top of his head. This is definitely where you need to be honest and ask all the questions you have. After the first call, I sent over the dimensions of my laundry room. A week later, we had our follow up call which included a detailed sketch of what my laundry room would look like once completed. Over the call my virtual designer also shared what products and accessories he thought would be best to maximize my space to get all of my family’s needs met.

I was able to simply yay or nay what products I wanted on the call and then purchase right over the phone – easy, breezy, just how I like my shopping. 

With the Elfa system you have two options – you can DIY the system or have one of their specialists come in and install it. While Hubs is quite handy, we only have a morsel of time to spare which is usually reserved for meals and sleep so I happily opted to have them install it. Talking with the designer will make you feel confident that you can DIY your space for a more budget-friendly option.

Installation was also pretty seamless – I really like how thoughtful The Container Store has made the process. It only took them a handful of hours to get it done and because they specialize in installs – it was done right and hassle free. 

Once the Elfa system was installed, I was able to take inventory and assess what baskets and bins to get. 

I use my laundry room for laundry but I also use it for overflow of household items like toilet paper, surface cleaners, paper towels and more. I like uniformity so I wanted to use the same baskets all on the same row.

For the bottom row on the main wall, I opted for these – I love how clean and light they look. I keep paper towels, toilet paper and a few other paper products in them mainly. In the row above, I keep cleaners, antibacterial wipes and more. These dark bins are great because they work perfectly in my laundry room but could easily be repurposed somewhere else.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that laundry is an ongoing party at my house. I needed the third row above to have enough room to store laundry baskets (whether empty or with clean clothes in them).

It fits these three laundry baskets perfectly.

For hampers, I really loved so many of the options The Container Store had like this and this. I ended up going with this one (in linen – sold out) because they were neutral and noticeably functional. 

On the left wall is where we store our upstairs broom, a stool, the ironing board, dustpan and upstairs mop with these holders. They just makes life easier.

On the right wall where the washer and dryer are is a hanging rod – which I love because I have quite a few pieces that can’t go in the dryer and need to hang dry. It’s one of my favorite things about this laundry room. 

And we haven’t used all the shelves in the laundry room yet – but it’s nice to know you have the space when you need it. I keep snacks in this glass jar in here just in case the girls want a snack and I don’t feel like going all the way downstairs to the pantry. Plus, it’s been working as bribes to help me transfer the clothes in the washer to the dryer. Works like a charm.

The shelves about the washer are fantastic – the lower shelf actually pulls out which I love! This is where I store my iron and steamer in the same white basket that is on the lower shelf of the main wall. On the second shelf above the washer, I use two wicker baskets to hold overflow of miscellaneous items.

Last but not least, are the shelves above the dryer. I love these white baskets that I use to store an overflow of white towels. I love them so much, I use them in my living room shelves as well. To store laundry detergent, bleach and other laundry based cleaners I use the large version of this basket.

Honestly, I am so pleased with how this turned out. The Elfa system is a dream and I cannot believe this is my laundry room. If it actually did my laundry it would be flawless.

This post was sponsored by The Container Store. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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