necessaire body serum

Last year, I first heard about the Necessaire Body Serum and other products. It was everywhere from Pinterest, Instagram and all the style + beauty blogs. After seeing it for the hundredth time, I was like, “let me give this a try.” 

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons

If you read the blog regularly, you know I love my beauty products. I think we’ve all seen products that have been hyped up on social media. We try it and then: 1. It didn’t live up to the hype and was a disappointment, 2. Does live up to the hype and you absolutely get why everyone was talking about it or 3. It was just ok but not anything to write home about.

If you’ve ever looked up or purchased Necessaire products, you know they are pricey. I don’t typically spend $25 on a body wash or lotion. Even at that price point I was super curious as to why everyone was swearing by their products and if it in fact was worth it. I was recently in the market for some new body care products because I hadn’t found products I really liked or loved yet. 

Necessaire has a few body care products – Body Lotion, Body Oil, Body Wash, Body Serum, Body Exfoliator and deodorant. Aside from Fragrance Free, the products also come in 3 other fragrances – Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Sandalwood. They also have a hand cream

I finally gave in and decided to buy the Necessaire Body Wash, Body Serum, Body Exfoliator and Body Lotion in Fragrance-Free. 

The Body Wash ($25)
The Staple

The first product I tried from Necessaire was the Body Wash. I now understand the hype behind this product because it is good – period. It foams up beautifully while leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. I use it with my organic loofah from Club Loofah and I love using it in the bath or shower. I’ve repurchased it since and tried it in Sandalwood which I really like. 

Yes, it is a bit much for the average person at $25 but I can say without hesitation that I’ve never tried a body wash that left my skin feeling like this. It has become a staple in my daily routine after the shower.

The Body Exfoliator ($25)
The Favorite

I bought the Body Exfoliator with the Body Wash but waited about a week or so until I tried it. Without question, it is my favorite Necessaire product. It left my skin feeling so smooth and nourished – I could use it everyday. Realistically, I use it a couple of times a week. The exfoliating beads are so powerful and effective without being too harsh. My skin felt renewed and refreshed afterwards. I also repurchased this in Sandalwood and in my opinion if you’re going to buy any product from this brand, it should be the Necessaire Body Exfoliator.

The Body Serum ($45)
The Pleasant Surprise

When I repurchased the Body Wash and the Body Exfoliator, I decided to give the Body Serum a try. It was even more expensive than the first two products, but because I had great experiences with them I wanted to try the Serum as well. I have never used a serum for my body before, only my face so it was a new experience. 

Like a face serum, you apply it after cleansing and before moisturizing. This serum is glorious – it’s so hydrating (it has loads of hyaluronic acid!) and you especially want to put it on spots that need extra hydration. I don’t think I had any specific expectation for this product but it certainly caught me by surprise in the best way. I put this on RIGHT after the shower when my skin was still warm from the shower and my pores were likely a little more open. My skin felt clearer and smoother in the best way after using it and it’s a splurge I’ll likely indulge in again. 

The Body Lotion ($25)
The Disappointment

One of the main reasons I wanted to give Necessaire a try was because I wanted to find a moisturizing body lotion that left my skin feeling amazing. The Body Lotion just wasn’t it for me. It just seemed like no matter how much I put on, my skin didn’t feel like it had anything on it. It was like water – it evaporated almost instantly. I like the feeling of moisture (and even shine) from a lotion and this leaves no residue or feeling at all. From the reviews, many people like it because it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave a residue, but for me this did nothing. I have recently started using this lotion instead and it has become a favorite. I will likely never use the Necessaire again – it was a miss for me.

If you’re considering trying Necessaire products, I think it’s worth the try. My personal favorites are the Body Exfoliator, Body Serum and Body Wash. The Body Lotion wasn’t it for me, but I think most of their products are worth the splurge overall.