PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons

If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog, you guys know how much I like makeup and skincare. Truly, I’m a beauty product junkie. I get excited about trying new products, telling you guys about my favorites and learning about everything in between. I share a lot of my product picks with you in my monthly favorites videos, but I realized over the last few months that there are products that I use (almost) everyday and they were too good to not tell you guys about. 

Most of these products are skincare but as I write this out, there are quite a few makeup products I should share with you in another post (ha!). Here are the beauty products I use everyday.

I’ve mentioned before that I have dry to normal skin and that my main skin issue is texture (keep my skin smooth) because I have larger pores that will tell on me if I’m not consistent with my skincare routine and if I am not thorough with making sure that my skin is CLEAN clean when I wash it. My skin isn’t sensitive at all, so I’m someone who can use a facial brush daily without it being harsh on my skin. 

I use the same Tula cleanser for both my morning and evening skincare routine. I love the way it smells and it really cleans my skin without stripping it and making it feel tight and dry. I’ve always used this cleanser in combo with a facial brush. 

My go to facial brush is ideal for both cleansing and anti-aging. This “brush” really cleans out my pores especially on those days I wear a lot of makeup. It has a smooth rose quartz side that heats up and allows you to massage serums and oils in your skin for deeper absorption.

To make sure my skin is clean especially after those days I’ve worn a lot of makeup, cleansing is important but only after I remove my makeup. I remove my makeup before I clean my face every night and it makes a difference. To date, this is my favorite makeup remover ever. It literally melts the makeup off without having to rub hard. Not only is it great for removing eye makeup, but matte or liquid lipstick as well. 

I have usually always used toner, but when I heard about essence a couple years ago during the Korean skincare craze, I wasn’t sold. That wasn’t until I tried this (very pricey but worth it) essence. I pat it into my skin after I apply toner and it has noticeably improved the texture of my skin. 

Vitamin C is something I wear consistently throughout the day whether or not I’m wearing makeup. I love this vitamin C serum because it’s so light. It’s by a Black owned brand that I discovered earlier this year and love so much. 

You know how much I swear by wearing SPF every single day. (If you’re not wearing some now, stop and go put some on.) Even on my lazy days when I don’t feel like doing my entire skin care routine. I will wash my face, put on moisturizer and SPF. Supergoop gets SPF like no other and this one makes my skin look so good under makeup or even on my bare face. 

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing perfume and smelling like myself. Even if I’m not leaving the house, just a little spritz to have my signature scent on for the day makes me feel like I did a little something. I received a PR package a couple of years ago with this perfume and have loved it since. 

As someone who loves to wear a matte or liquid lipstick, making sure my lips are exfoliated, smooth and soft is important. I wear this lip mask during the day and overnight when I’m not wearing makeup. I like how thick it is and it really makes my lips so soft. 

My go-to lipstick for the last year and a half is a drugstore option – reasonably priced and looks good on everyone in my opinion. You guys often ask me what lipstick I’m wearing and this one is it. I have so many other lipsticks, even more expensive ones that just don’t do it for me like this one. It’s just so good.

Finding good products you love to use and make you feel good about your skin (and yourself) is part of self care if you ask me. These work for me, and even if they don’t for you, I encourage you to find your own go to everyday products that you love. It truly adds some magic to your routine and elevates your everyday.