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Nov 5, 2018 | Featured, Outfits

I really love a flowy midi skirt. And on the day we shot this, it just so happened to be mildly breezy so I was stoked to see this skirt and all of its beautiful colors in movement. So just like any smart girl would do, I twirled to keep the skirt moving.

SKIRT // Forever 21TOP // ASOS BOOTS // ZARA — BAG // c/o Brahmin

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica Simmons

Man, it really just hit me that we are in November which means the year will be over in the blink of an eye. But we’ve gotta keep it moving. This is the time of year where people get comfortable and tell themselves it’s ok to be chill (complacent) until the top of the year.

Don’t be that girl.

Sure, be present and enjoy the holidays with loved ones, but definitely keep the work towards your goals moving. Stop for no one.

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