I’ve talked about my morning routine before but thought it would be fun to do an updated episode of what my morning routine before work looks like now. So much has changed. I now have two small children. My husband still goes to his 9-5 job in the morning and I get the kids ready for school on my own. It’s really important that I start my day off by myself, so that the tone is set for the day for the entire family.

Apparently, there are some things I’m doing wrong in the morning like immediately drinking coffee and skipping breakfast. However, I do believe in David Your Goliath which is my take on eating a live frog in the morning aka getting the hardest thing of your day done first. (Frogs are intense. Wouldn’t you much rather be David?)

In this episode, I share the five things I do in the morning and how it’s helped with my peace and productivity.

Waking up by 5a (02:35)

Waking up early – before 6am – is so important to me because I value my me time and early morning are the most likely they are to happen. Plus, it’s when most successful CEOs and self made millionaires wake up. It is important to me to make sure my cup is overflowing so I can give that overflow to others because what’s in my cup is mine. I’m able operate at a higher level when I start the day off with some me time. I typically like to wake up at 5am. If I’m being transparent, because Caliana is still a baby, I can’t always wake up at 5am. However, I do typically wake up no later than 6am. Even 6am allows me to have at least 30 to 45 minutes to myself – which is a major key to my productivity and clarity.


Prayer & Devotion (04:13)

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know I am very consistent with my prayer and devotions. Even if it’s a quick verse from The Bible App, I’m really adamant on that. Getting the Word in me first thing in the morning really fills me up and I’m always looking forward to it as it definitely sets the tone for the day.


3 Minute Journaling (07:49)

I started this habit in 2015, right after Maizah was born. I would write down whatever three things came to mind. Sometimes, it would be deep and profound. Other times, I was grateful for my Keurig. Whatever you are thankful for, write it down. I like to keep mine in a Google Drive folder, while Hubs physically writes his out. Use what you prefer. This always helps to set the tone for the day because you are able to see on paper what you are grateful for vs. just keeping it in your head.


Reading (10:28)

I typically like to read after I journal. I try to get 1-2 chapters in a book that I’m really interested in. I love to read, however, if I wake up later than I’d like, then sometimes I can’t get it in. Reading also requires uninterrupted time and your undivided attention. If you love to read, but it’s hard to find the time, I encourage you to read in the morning.


Outline the Day (12:58)

Before I get into full blown mom mode and wake up the girls, I like to outline my day as the last step of my morning routine. Typically, I prep for the day the night before – huge life hack! – but I like to outline it again in the morning for good measure. I’m blessed to have an assistant to manage my calendar, but I check out everything I have going on for that day so I’m not caught off guard by any events or campaigns I have. We currently use Google calendar and have it set to send me a daily notification of any events (appointments, calls, deadlines, etc.) at 5a ET. It comes straight to my inbox and it allows me to quickly review the outline of my day.


For the last few years, I’ve noticed that having a morning routine before work is imperative to my productivity. In the 9 years that I’ve been blogging, the last 4 years have been my most productive and without question it’s because of my morning routine. Not everyday is perfect, but the goal is to ensure most days I’m running on a routine.

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