Mattie Minute is the daily email newsletter where I share how to better your work, life or self in an email you can read in 60 seconds or less. 

Separate from my weekly marketing emails, Mattie Minute is straight to the point sans gimmicks, pitches or “buy this from me” messages. Mattie Minute was designed to inspire you at the top of the day without any other motive aside from encouragement and new perspective.

Straight to the point.  No fluff. No chaser.

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“Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how encouraging this new format with #MattieMinute has been for me. It's extremely helpful as I work towards being the best version of myself.”

- Danielle B.

“For what it's worth, these Mattie minutes are always on time. They help keep me motivated and are in alignment with ALL my daily devotional. Keep going and spreading the good news! Thank you!”

- Ashley B.

“I really love your Mattie Minute emails! Great bursts of insight and encouragement that I need as an entrepreneur. Thank you!” 

- Naana B.

“LITERALLY, THESE ARE ALL AMAZING!! They are starting to become part of my daily devotionals! Thank you so much, Mattie, for giving of yourself and your experiences.” 

- Amanda 

“Just wanted to say, Mattie, this was so good. Thanks for dropping that nugget this morning.” 

- Nia

“I look forward to these emails every day! Thank you for writing this. REALLY needed it.” 

- Chelsea H.

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Helping people excites me. 

And no, nothing here on this site is rocket science. Just glimpses of my everyday life - what I eat, what I wear, the products I use, how I work and how I take care of myself. If that’s your sort of thing - you know, life - then this is totally the place for you.

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