This post is sponsored by Mary Kay. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I found out that Mary Kay was coming out with a line with naturally-derived products I was stoked. You can imagine that now that I’m pregnant, I pay closer attention to the ingredients I put on my skin and in my body. 

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica Simmons

Admittedly, I am not someone who pays close attention to ingredients when it comes to my skincare products. I’ll typically look out for TALC, rosewater or oil (I’m allergic to both), and now that I’m expecting, I avoid retinol (which I really, really miss). But when I found out about Mary Kay Naturally and their approach to skincare, I was intrigued. 

The Mary Kay Naturally line has 4 products:

Mary Kay Naturally Purifying Cleanser ($26)

Removes dirt and oil from skin without stripping it. It’s creamy (hello, moisture!) so after washing your skin feels hydrated. This goes well with the Mary Kay Naturally Exfoliating Powder for those days you need a deeper clean. 

Mary Kay Naturally Nourishing Oil ($48)

Leaves your skin glowing and smooth without feeling heavy. It’s multifaceted and can be used on various parts of your body (cuticles and even your hair). Versatile for both your morning and evening skincare routine. 

Mary Kay Naturally Moisturizing Stick ($28)

Use to eliminate dryness in targeted areas. Because it’s a balm vs. traditional moisturizer you don’t just have to use it on your face. You can use on any part of your body that needs some extra moisture (knees, cuticles and more). 

Mary Kay Naturally Exfoliating Powder ($34)

Great for clearing pores and making them appear smaller; you can mix with the Mary Kay Naturally Purifying Cleanser to get a deep clean or even mix it with the Mary Kay Naturally Nourishing Oil to elevate the exfoliating experience.

My favorites from the line are the Mary Kay Naturally Nourishing Oil (love it on my face and cuticles) and Exfoliating Powder, but all the products are awesome because they’re so versatile and can even be paired to maximize the benefits. It’s just nice to know I’m using products that have naturally-derived ingredients and can feel safe using. 

All Mary Kay Naturally products are free of parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, synthetic fragrances and dyes.