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Makeup + Vanity Organization with The Container Store

Feb 28, 2020 | Featured, Home

This post is in partnership with The Container Store. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since we’ve moved in, I’ve been wanting to get on my makeup and vanity organization. I put it off for a little since 1. I was very pregnant when we moved and 2. I didn’t have a vanity yet. I’ll be honest, I’ve been wanting a vanity for the longest. We never got one in our previous home because neither my old bathroom or bedroom had the space. But I’ve always iterated to Hubs that I wanted to be the kind of lady that did her makeup and put on perfume at a vanity. So you can imagine my excitement when he surprised me with a vanity for Valentine’s Day.

I have a lot of product because what I do and aside from that, I’m just a product junkie. (Proud Sephora Rouge member here.) So I have product that I keep in my office to review on YouTube and Instagram, and then my personal makeup that I stored in my bathroom cabinets. Finally, I could put it in my vanity. 

What I loved about this organization process was that it forced me to edit what I really liked to use whenever I put on makeup because the vanity only has two drawers. But The Container Store has fantastic makeup organizers that I couldn’t wait to finally to put in use.

Like I mentioned, the vanity has two drawers. Because it’s important to me to see most of the makeup I use, the drawers are used for some of my foundations and tweezers. These Luxe Acrylic Short 2-Section Divided Drawer inserts were the perfect size for both drawers. After this shoot I ended up using the other drawer for hair items like my curling iron and brush.

On the tabletop of the vanity, I display most of my makeup. I love the Luxe Acrylic Makeup Storage Kit where I keep all my Fenty lip products, my Pat McGrath lipstick minis, a couple of my Wander Beauty palettes, my lashes and eye products like mascara and eye liner. There’s also such a great spot for my lip liners and perfume. Right now, I’m into Chloe, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Daringly Different.

Right next to my storage kit is the Luxe Acrylic Cosmetic & Brush Organizer where I keep all the brushes and sponges I use. Most of the brushes I use are from Real Techniques, Morphe and Sigma. This is also where I store my everyday foundation (currently loving the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish), powder (fan of the Fenty Beauty one) and primer (the Farsali Unicorn one is so good).

On the left side of my vanity is where you can see how many lipsticks I have. Thankfully, the 24 section lipstick organizer has enough space for all of them. And honestly, makeup packaging is so pretty and I love that I can display it. Most of the lipsticks I have are drugstore.

Lastly, I have my palettes all together in one place. It’s great because I usually have my palettes all over the place. The palette organizer they have is so great – not too big, not too small. It holds 7 palettes which is perfect for me.

Have absolutely loved getting ready everyday now that my makeup is organized and now that I have a vanity. It’s so easy to find everything.

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  1. Tiffany

    This is great! I have had the Luxe acrylic make up storage kit for a few years now which I absolutely love. You made me realize that I need to clean mine, lol! Make-up residue has it looking not so luxe. Also you pointed out a few more pieces that I will be adding like lipstick and pallet organizers as well as the brush organizer.


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