Creating the Make Your Day Arrangement with ProFlowers

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PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons
DRESS // Ladyee Boutique

Last month, I got to announce my partnership with ProFlowers - the Make Your Day arrangement. As someone who loves fresh flowers, this was a dream collaboration come true. 

Fresh flowers have always been something I loved - I’m the kind of person who always has fresh flowers in the kitchen or dining room. Hubs has spoiled me, he gets me beautiful flowers just because quite regularly. I spent almost all of my wedding budget on fresh flowers because I love them so much. So when the ProFlowers team reached out to see if I’d be interested, I had to contain myself from yelling yes. Not only because I love flowers, but because I would get to design the arrangement myself from start to finish with the ProFlowers creative team.

I had a couple of calls with the ProFlowers team and they pulled some inspiration from my Instagram and blog on the first call to get a good idea of my taste in flowers and color. Pink is my favorite color - it’s nothing I shy away from - so I knew that I wanted pink to be the hero color of the arrangement. 

Now, I know like the next person that pink can get kind of gimmicky or cheesy if it isn’t done right. Based on the photos of the mockup, I thought that we got it right the first time around. When the mockup got to me, the color was a little off and it didn’t feel like me. The ProFlowers team was so great and made the changes I wanted almost immediately. We added a pop of lavender flowers to balance out the pink. To me, this made the arrangement perfect.

The Make Your Day arrangement has a variety of roses, stock, snapdragons, spray roses, alstroemeria, and carnations in pale pink hues with a pop of deep pink and lavender hues. It looks so great anywhere in your space. As you can see, I really have been enjoying it in my formal dining room but I have put it everywhere from my master bathroom and even my guest room to elevate the mood of the room. 

When I designed this arrangement, it was important to me that it was lovely enough for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. However, I really wanted this to be the kind of arrangement you got for someone you loved just to make their day.

And that’s how I came up with the name. 

I can’t say this enough, but I love how this arrangement turned out. I’m so pleased with how it looks in a vase (opt for a cylinder wide medium height vase for best results in my opinion) and how it really looks like me in flower form. If you’re looking for a nice arrangement for your house or looking to send something nice to someone you love, get the Make Your Day arrangement.