August 30, 2017

#KnockedUpBossedUp: 19 Weeks


Is it me or is time flying? I can’t believe that I’m almost halfway done with this pregnancy. Hubs and I were chatting last night and we calculated – only 6 more weeks left in the second trimester. Bananas!

Lots of moving and shaking has been happening within the last week – for both me and baby. But overall, things are great.

A couple of weeks ago, I cut my hair and (re)started my natural journey. When I did the bog chop almost 5 years ago, all I did was hide my hair under protective styles and then would get blow outs from time to time which caused serious heat damage. So all I did was cut my hair to damage it again. Like, what was the point, Mattie? I went to a salon and got it done, but wasn’t happy with the styling. Did some trial and error styles on my own and it seems like my hair responds well to two strand twist out. Especially when I use the new Creme of Nature SNOT.

Literally heading back home to Atlanta today from NYC. While it was just a 3 day trip it was pretty hectic. However, the blessing was I got to travel with my sister and host a cool event with my friend Tracy. And unlike most NYC trips, it was a lot less stressful. Which was awesome because the less stress, the better for baby.

What I will be doing as soon as I get back home is getting a pregnancy bra immediately. I’m usually a proud VIP member of the itty bitty titty committee, but that is no longer the case. The girls are in full effect to say the least and nothing that I currently own is holding me together. It’s caused a little bit of back discomfort because my regular bra is too tight. I don’t think I’m going to do anything fancy but head to Target or Wal Mart for the right maternity underwear.

As I prepare to go from 1 kid to 2, it’s been important to me to be super intentional about including Maizah in my pregnancy journey. This baby is hers as well, so I’ve been encouraging her to say hi to the baby on a daily basis and say “it’s your sister, Maizah” so she slowly gets accustomed to being a big sister. I’m the oldest out of my parents children, so it’s cool that she and I will be the same in that way. Over the last week, she’s been walking up to me and saying hello to the baby while touching my belly all on her own.

I’m trying my best to be healthy and pace my appetite but everything I want to eat is fantastically horrible for me. Pepperoni pizza is the usual suspect. Thin crust specifically, but if I can eat it with wings, even better. While I usually love water, it is terribly plain to my pregnant taste buds to I’ve had to make cold tea or “sassy water” – which is basically water with fruit (think oranges, strawberries, mint, cucumbers, etc.) which has helped a little. But I have been taking a probiotic and fish oil vitamin in addition to my prenatal. Plus, I do snack on nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. – often throughout the week.

Overall, week 19 was a win. Feeling blessed and good. Excited to find out the baby’s gender next week!

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