June 4, 2018

June’s Theme + How We’re Doing Things

As I officially throw myself back into creating blog content on a consistent basis (finally got a nanny so my days are a lot more free to get more work done!) it was important to me not to just throw up a bunch of cute content for the sake of saying I’m consistent.

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For me, this site is a place where I can share my life’s story while showing you what products I use and how I run my business all while raising a family. Once upon a time, all I blogged about were my outfits, but I’ve grown up. And so have you. So, I’m much more lifestyle than style nowadays.

However, what I realized last week while getting ready for date night with Hubs is that style is really important to me. Not fashion – but style. Being a woman who is “put together” is really important to me. Presentation is typically the first impression we make (especially with the likes of Instagram & social media nowadays) and after watching my mother win over practically everyone in her life because of how she carried and presented herself in any given situation, is why personal style has always been so important to me.

To streamline the content process for me and the MJ team, we’ve decided to theme the months for the rest of the year. It’s an idea I sort of had when I first started blogging, but my approach is much more organized and streamlined. (Thank God for growth.)

This month’s theme is style.

But not just when it comes to your wardrobe. I’m talking personal style – what’s in your closet, what’s in your home, what’s the overall approach you have when it comes to your life. Because while there are many different styles out there, the one that will always be most important is the style of your life.

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And no, nothing here on this site is rocket science. Just glimpses of my everyday life - what I eat, what I wear, the products I use, how I work and how I take care of myself. If that’s your sort of thing - you know, life - then this is totally the place for you.

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