Really excited to be sharing my January and February favorites with you guys today. I spent most of January and February on maternity leave at home. Turns out I had lots of time to try out new products and find some new favorites. I didn’t wear any makeup until mid-February so a lot of the products I’m loving are skincare products. (Anything that made me look not so tired was a win!)

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons
TOP // ASOS — LIPSTICK // Pat McGrath — VANITY // Wayfair (sold out – similar)

I won’t lie to you – I’m kind of surprised that my favorite product from the last two months is a $99 skincare product I thought was ridiculous once upon a time. Don’t knock it til you try it. 

Not surprised that this body scrub was a fave because it was a postpartum must have as well. 

This past Christmas I bought my mom and sister some great fragrances. Bought myself one as well

Loving the NARS Atomic Blonde palette which is no longer available.

Everyone has raved about this palette and it has an almost perfect rating on Sephora. It’s definitely worth the hype. And it’s ON SALE.

Drugstore lip products always serve me well. This lip gloss is no exception. 

When my mom came over to visit the baby and brought this, I liked it so much I bought three. 

This product is so good, it makes my skin look radiant even when I get little sleep the night before.

When I finish this favorite, I plan on doing a full review in a separate post – that’s how good it is!

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