How We Prepare for Sick Days

Oct 3, 2019 | Featured, Lifestyle

This Post was sponsored by Scotties. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fall is finally here and before you know it you’re sniffling out of nowhere now that the weather is cooler. Not only do I not like getting sick – I absolutely don’t like anyone in my family getting sick either. When I hear even a little sniffle – I have Scotties all around the house to make sure we avoid running noses.

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Especially during cold season – I have tissues in almost every room so no one is tempted to wipe their nose with their hands (this is an issue with littles ones) to avoid spreading more germs. 

Scotties has a wide selection of of designs for every home so you can mix and match them to any room in the house. I really like their new box designs. Plus, having them just an arm’s length away when someone coughs or sneezes is always comforting so we avoid passing germs to others. And even though this is a lesson I try to teach the girls – many adults can use this lesson too. 

For sick days, I try my best to conquer colds holistically before having to rely on medicine. (Of course we take it when we need it.) Our family go to’s for colds are:

  • Organic Elderberry – we use this as a preventative option; since we’ve been using it with both girls in school, I’ve noticed they both are able to fight off the sniffles or a cough faster than usual

  • Goldenseal tea – if you are feeling like something cold-esque may be coming on, drinking a cup or two of this typically knocks it right out (the flavor is intense but it works!)

  • Blowing noses – if there is any congestion, keeping any mucus in your system isn’t going to help. I encourage Hubs and the kids to blow their noses (and wash their hands afterwards) hence why we have Scotties all over the house

  • Humidifier – helps everyone breathe better in my house especially when we’re sleep

  • Honey, garlic and lemon tea – if you have a slight temperature or feeling fatigue, a hot cup of water with the juice of half a lemon, one clove of garlic (minced) and a generous amount of honey gets you together

  • Chest rub on the bottom of your feet with socks on – if the girls are feeling congested or have a cough, doing this helps minimize the coughing helps them breathe throughout the night when they’re asleep

  • Lots of vitamin C – orange and apple juice are my go to’s and making sure they’re taking a daily multivitamin and of course, staying hydrated helps all of us stay together 

Keeping these sick days rules in rotation really does help us minimize colds and spreading germs. Happy to have Scotties on hand at home this fall to add a little comfort our home during cold season.

What are your at home tips and tricks for keeping sick days at a minimum?


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