December 6, 2018

How To Write Emails That Get A Response

In this episode of The Mattie James podcast, we’re discussing how to write emails that get responses. Maybe you are looking to get new clients. Maybe you are looking to nab a paid freelance gig. Maybe you’re looking for an intern. Or maybe you are just looking for outreach to get more attention. Cold email can be pretty intimidating, however, I’m going to share things you need to focus on to get the response you want: personalization, clarity, and relevance.

Personalization (01:52)

The first thing you want to do, is make sure to use the person’s name you are writing to. You want to make extra sure you are spelling their name correctly. Take that extra 10-15 minutes to ensure the proper spelling. That’s what Google is for. That’s what their website or their Instagram is for, to make sure you are spelling the name properly. You don’t have to be overly formal by any means, but the attention to detail is extremely important.


Clarity (04:40)

The second thing that will make sure you get the responses you want is absolute clarity. Being both clear and concise is very important. Get straight to the point because your life story doesn’t matter. Tell them the relevant facts about you; your experience, where you went to school. But leave out the unnecessary things. Be careful not to make the email all about you. Make it about them, however, you don’t want to overcompensate. Be very clear and very specific.    


Relevance (07:47)

The last thing you want to focus on is making sure the email you are sending is relevant. If you are writing about food, why would you want to send it over to a fashion blogger? There is a serious disconnect there. It shows that you haven’t done your research in making sure what you are asking for is relevant to them. People are not going to respond to irrelevance. They will only respond to things that are worth responding to.

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