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The Mindset Necessary To Successfully Promote Your Blog or Business

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Featured, Podcast | 0 comments

In this episode of The Mattie James Podcast, we are going to talk about the mindset you have to have to promote a blog or business. I get this question often, so I wanted to talk about it here on the podcast.

How do you get up the nerve to ask someone or your followers to go check out something you are trying to promote?

It can feel weird, especially when you are first starting out. We’ve been taught were always told to be modest, not to talk about ourselves or bring attention to yourself. But when it comes to business, the goal is to bring attention to yourself.


I always tell people if you’re trying to build confidence in promoting yourself, you have to take yourself out of the center. You have to be really thoughtful and intentional about serving your audience. Think about what you are doing to your audience and what you are doing for them. Ask yourself: what value are you bringing them. It’s really about the serve versus nerve mindset. Thinking about it this way takes the nervousness out of it because you are willing to serve your audience. Your focus should be on serving them repeatedly.


When it comes to service, it really is about putting someone else first. You have to go out of your way to put your best foot forward. Do your research (lots of it) if it’s a new product you are trying to push for your online business and deep dive when it comes to your content. What does your audience respond to? How do they respond to it? Strive to give your audience the utmost value and then don’t be shy to tell them about that value.


When you are serving someone, you are preparing to do so. Just like at a restaurant. They prepare the food for you, they don’t just serve you ingredients raw and unprepared. They are taking the necessary steps to give you a desired result. When you are focused on serving your audience, you are taking the necessary steps to make content that serves them. It’s all about setting clear expectations, so your audience can anticipate what you’ll be serving.

Promoting your business or blog is really about that serve vs. nerve mindset. If you serve great content and preparing something 100% (not halfassed) you’ll get the response you’re looking for from your audience. The service is where is at – if you look at promoting as making your audience aware of what you’re serving, promoting your business becomes a lot less daunting.

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