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How To Post Content Consistently

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Blogging | 4 comments

If you follow me on Periscope, then you how I feel about posting content consistently. It’s necessary if you want to grow (as an influencer, blogger or online entrepreneur) and start a momentum. My sister and I spoke about creating momentum with your blog or business to get results on Periscope earlier this week. It’s not easy by any means, but it is simpler than most people think. Here are three ways to post consistently as a blogger.



It’s not enough to plan out posts. It just not. Because you need to know when to post and what to post. Many of us have editorial calendars and write down when we want to post certain titles but you have to actually give yourself time to write. How many of us have a million drafts in our WordPress dashboard? *raises hand*

You have to allot a few hours to write out your content. Because you need to write it, edit it, find/take the right images to support the post and create social graphics for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. All of those little details need to be taken into consideration when writing out posts.

If you freelance or blog full time, schedule a day and time to knock posts out. Maybe you write 2 posts on Mondays from 1p-3p and another 2 posts on Wednesdays from 10a-12p. That’s 4 posts in 4 hours. This is totally possible and if you work a 40 hours week, you still have 36 hours to handle other business.

If you work full time while freelancing or blogging, take an hour before or after work to write out content. The key thing here is to actually schedule it. Don’t say “I’ll do it one day this week.” Commit to a day and write in your planner and turn your phone off and let your spouse/significant other/roommate/friends know that you’ll be unavailable for that hour or two.


Nothing has been more helpful to me than getting posts done in bulk. I take 3-5 hours throughout the week to write all my posts, create imagery for it and link to references. I break this down specifically in The #BatchPlease Manual. There are 5 steps to batching and once you learn them and use them, you can maintain the momentum.

Here’s the thing: if you do something over and over and over again (maybe on a daily or weekly basis) you can create a system for it and batch process. Stop thinking that you need to blog in real time. You don’t. You will go insane and burn yourself out. Trust me, I’ve tried. And failed. I do everything for this blog in bulk that I can get away with. That’s honestly all a batch process is: processing work in “batches” aka bulk.

[bctt tweet=”Batch processing is a content assembly line that gets you to post consistently.” username=”themattiejames”]

[bctt tweet=”Batch processing is a content assembly line that gets you to post consistently.” username=”themattiejames”]

I even batch process my outfit posts. I shoot a week’s worth during one shoot. I cannot dedicate my entire work week to shooting cute pictures. Hubs and Maizah would be so over me.


A lot of our issue as bloggers or content creators is that we overthink posts. It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking guys. I mean after all, I’m simply writing a post on consistency here. But that’s the thing: people want simple questions answered.

Think about the last five things you’ve Googled. They were all pretty simple, right?

Think about your reader. Who they are, what they want to accomplish and why they need certain questions answered. That’s what your content should provide.

I could’ve easily called this post: “Consistently posting on a weekday at 3p if your blog is about style can help.” But it’s not that deep. Simplicity wins. This post isn’t even just for bloggers. It’s for anyone who wants to post consistently because so many people have this question. Valuable content is content that people can use to solve a problem/issue.

So there you have it. The ABC’s of Posting Consistently. Do me a favor? Share this post with your friends on Twitter and/or Pinterest by clicking the tweet or graphic below!


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