Thanks to social media, we all want to know how to look better in pictures – even if it’s just for our Instagram followers. As someone who has been taking pictures for the last decade and sharing those photos with the public, it’s not as easy as it looks.

I was horrible at taking photos. I always overthought my pose and it always ended up making me look so unnatural in the picture. There’s only so far that your hand on your hip and smiling with all your teeth will take you.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an influencer or simply want to feel more confident in your personal photos, here are 3 ways to look better in pictures.


Practice taking photos where you show both your left side and right side and decide which side makes you look best. Once you decide, don’t be afraid to opt for that side whenever you’re being photographed. Everyone has a better side, not everyone maximizes it.


Posing will usually almost always make you look unnatural. To get those Instagram worthy shots, move smoothly yet. Think of being photographed like this choreographed dance between you and the camera. If you’re wearing a dress, twirl in it. If you’re wearing sunglasses, playfully slide them down your nose for a shot. It’ll feel weird at first, but it will make for some of your best photos.


Unless your face is symmetrically perfect, no one really looks good facing the camera straight on. This is a great time to slightly to your best to show your best side or even slightly tilt your head.


The light is your friend – whether it’s natural or artificial. Make sure you’re always paying attention to it. When you look towards the light, it always makes for a great photo. The light should always be behind your photographer and you always want to be facing it. Look up and work the light.


Smiling in photos may have worked for your elementary school photos but doesn’t look as good now that you’re trying to take a great personal photo. To nail that perfect smile in a photo, literally laugh out loud. If you feel like an idiot, you are doing it right. The laugh gives your smile life which makes it more believable.

If you need to how to look better in pictures, these 5 tips should help you start to look better the next time you have a shoot or even casually post on your Instagram.