February 4, 2019

The Best Way To Find The Right Brand Contact

In this episode of the Mattie James podcast, I talk about the best ways to find the right brand contacts. I get this question at least 20 times a week. This is a kinda a tough question because it isn’t a one size fits all answer. There are so many different titles for brand contacts, so I can’t just tell you one specific title, or person, to reach out to. However, I can tell you the best way and the easiest way to find brand contacts, regardless of who the brand is.


Get In The Same Room As Brands (1:33)

You’re probably asking, “How do I do that”? Well, you want to make sure you attend blog conferences and workshops. Yes, I’m telling you, in a sense, to spend money. Why? Because it is an investment. It’s an investment in your business. These blog conferences have almost always brand sponsors, brand representatives, people who are keynote speakers. And, this is also the best way to find up to date and current contacts. This is the easiest way to get on an email list with a brand so you are on their radar. Make sure to do your research on these conferences. Know who is going to be the keynote speaker, what brands are sponsoring, what brands are going to be there? This is the time to be with like-minded people and bloggers or influencers alike.


Take Business Cards (6:00)

People say that business cards are out of date, but to me, they are still extremely valuable, especially in a conference setting. You can go to Vistaprint or go to Staples to make your own. However you want to make them. Also, you want to make sure they stand out. Have your picture printed on them or have them be a color that you know will stand out. Think of what will pop in the sea of business cards that they will get. What will make them remember you? Also, just as important, make sure you are asking for business cards from other people.


Follow Up (8:49)

There are two things I would definitely NOT do. First, I would not wait to email this person when you need them. Don’t wait because you are trying to craft this perfect pitch before you reach out or trying to have a bigger following before you reach out. Two, do not reach out to the for the first time asking for something. Just don’t do it. Follow up in 1-2 business days so that you are fresh on their minds. Make the email specific to you and the connection you made at the conference, whether it was something you both laughed about or a talking point from the keynote speech.

Finding the right brand contact can be daunting if you’re solely trying to do via a Google search, LinkedIn deep dive or even social media. In person is always the best and easiest way to do that through blog conferences and workshops.

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