September 26, 2017

5 Ways To Dress Chic While Pregnant


I’m all about keeping it cute during my pregnancy, but right now, heels everyday is out of the question. These Vionic flats are perfect for fall and keep my everyday pregnancy looks chic!

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

How To Dress Chic While Pregnant

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PHOTOGRAPHY // Christopher Jamar Payne

I’m about to hit the 6 month mark in my pregnancy and I don’t have any sob stories for you. This pregnancy has been a blessing – no morning sickness, no extreme discomfort (just your occasional back aches here and there) and nothing to really complain about.

Because I’ve been feeling so good, my look has been matching it. Even on what I consider my super casual days, complete strangers grace me with compliments on my outfit which always feel good. Dressing like myself and looking good has been an everyday goal of mine so I don’t completely lose myself during pregnancy.

But here’s what I know for sure, I am wearing heels a lot less. I just don’t have the bandwidth for it. Thankfully, flats are a lot cuter than they were a few years ago.

My friends at Vionic sent me over their Romi Slip On Flat which I love. They’re not only comfortable but totally on trend for the fall season. These black velvet, gold embroidered cuties were my go to for my trip to NYC last month and they continue to be an everyday favorite as fall ensues.

I personally love them because they go with everything from my casual denim looks and even go with dresses. Black still works with everything and the gold detail on the shoe makes the texture of the velvet pop. You’re certainly going to see these in some of my future outfit posts for sure.

When it comes to my pregnancy looks, I think I’ve stayed pretty true to my personal style while making the appropriate adjustments. In the case you’re expecting, or even just wondering, here are 5 ways to dress chic while pregnant.

This is a mistake I made in the beginning of my last pregnancy. I scrolled Pinterest aimlessly and attempted looks that totally weren’t me. When you’re pregnant, you’ll feel more confident wearing things that make you feel most like you. You don’t have to go to Pea in the Pod and rack up on maternity clothes. You can still fancy your favorite fast fashion stores like H&M, ASOS & TOPSHOP (who all make maternity pieces) and keep things on trend. I even shop regular clothes and just opt for a size or two bigger. You’d be surprised how well certain pieces look on you even though they’re technically not maternity. But the best thing I can tell you is: keep things as normal as you can and dress like your usual awesome self.

Another mistake I made in my last pregnancy is that I bought pieces that were shapeless – which in turn made me look like a tent.

The pieces that look best on you when you’re pregnant are pieces with sound silhouettes or even form fitting. I love showing off my bump, so I will wear a bodycon midi or even a form fitting tank with jeans. The goal with pieces you wear when you’re pregnant should be to accentuate the waist (or bump for that matter) and your shape. Even when you’re pregnant, you still have a shape! (The bump is only part of it.)

What to avoid? Any dresses or tops that flare out before hitting your hips. Makes you look wider than you actually are.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I love wearing go to wardrobe essentials like a black blazer, skinny jeans or even a midi dress. You certainly want to wear these types of separates during pregnancy mostly because they won’t go out of style in the case you get pregnant again. Plus, if you already own something like a white button down or little black dress, you may be able to fit them even when your bump is a little smaller.

As you can see above, I’m wearing a shirt dress – it’s not maternity and I’ve actually had this dress for two years. A good timeless piece like this will give you more than a handful of wears. Black loafers also never date themselves – they’re always in style – so my Vionic flats will give me wears for seasons to come.

Trends are totally fine, but try your best to keep your look balanced with more wardrobe essentials.

Because you don’t want to draw extra attention to getting bigger during your pregnancy, neutrals are your best friend. Yes, I love color and prints. They are super fun to wear, but with a bump it can sometimes be more injury than interesting. This isn’t too say you need to dress safe and boring when you’re pregnant. If you do want to wear a pattern like stripes, aim to wear them in a neutral color story like black and white and certainly vertical stripes (horizontal stripes make you appear bigger!)

Plus, neutrals aren’t just black, white and gray. When you’re out and about shopping you can opt for a variety of neutrals like camel, mauve, olive, ivory, mustard, cognac and even metallics (yes, bronze, gold, silver, pewter and rose gold).

The most fun part about getting dressed is accessorizing! Getting dressed when pregnant should be no different. Maybe you want to opt for a crossbody bag instead of a heavy satchel, but you can still make statements with other accessories.

I’m a sunglasses kind of girl, so I will always wear sunnies in almost every part of my life, pregnancy included. But you can certainly show off that statement necklace you’ve been meaning to wear or even wear that trendy baseball cap you got while shopping not too long ago. There are no rules, just various ways to make your look pop even with a bump.

Hopefully, if you weren’t before, you’re feeling a lot more confident doing this personal style thing while you’re pregnant. If I’m being honest with you, sometimes we’re just overthinking it. It’s really about wearing items that make you feel confident during this extra special time in your life.

You can totally look chic while pregnant if you stick to being yourself, wear items that fit, keep things simple yet classic, resort to neutral colors and keep things fun with accessories.

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