How I Organize My Work Bag

Feb 28, 2019 | Featured, Work

This post is sponsored by Adero. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


How I organize my work bag is imperative as an entrepreneur. I don’t like being disorganized especially when it comes to shoots for big projects and going through the hassle of finding SD cards or camera batteries can become intense. Even if you’re not a naturally organized person, if you have the right system, you can still keep it altogether.


That’s why I was really excited to partner with Adero. Adero is an intelligent organization system that uses what they call Smart Tags and Taglets to organize items in their designated bag. It’s all about keeping the right items in the right place.


What’s really great about Adero is that they have a free app for your phone. When you open the app, it let’s you know if all your items are together, if your Smart Tag needs to charged or updated and let’s your ring your Smart Tag to make sure it’s nearby. You can also set reminders for your Smart Tag bag and/or items – which I love. If you know that you’re going to be somewhere the same day every week and you can’t forget a certain item, the reminders are a big help.


The Adero systems is great for both life or work items. It really is so flexible for a wide range of lifestyles. (Just a heads up, as great as the taglets are, don’t put one on your phone in case you lose it. Plus, once that taglet is on, it’s ON.)


Once you assign your Smart Tag to your designated bag (and it doesn’t have to be your work bag, it can be your purse, gym bag or even your go to travel bag) you can assign up to 10 taglets to it. I only have a few must haves for my bag, so I’m using three.


For my work/camera bag, I assigned my hard drive, laptop and laptop charger to it. Those are all must haves for work, especially on those days I don’t feel like working from home and head to a coffee shop to work.


Adero has a variety of kits – three total – fit for every type of person and situation. They sent me their Standard Kit which has 3 Smart Tags and 3 taglets, but there’s also a Starter Kit and Deluxe Kit if the Standard doesn’t fit your needs. I really like the Standard Kit because it’s a balance of two and you can assign a taglet to each one of the 3 Smart Tags to see if it really works for your life and/or business. You can also buy extra Smart Tags or taglets if you need just a few extra but not an entire kit.


May have to get another Standard Kit and some extra taglets for my purse! This has been really helpful to me in the last couple of weeks.


For my work bag, I really only carry what I consider the essentials:


  • My laptop
  • My laptop charger
  • 3 SD cards



If I’m just simply going to a coffee shop to have an admin/writing day, I’ll usually keep my Canon 6D, the lens and mic at home. However, when we have shoots on location, I’ll usually take all the essentials and a tripod along for the shoot.


Since using the Adero system for my work items, it has made getting ready for work a lot less stressful and tedious. The app makes it simply for me to organize my items in a short amount of time and head out.


Check out this quick video I made walking you through how I organize my work bag using Adero.

A huge thanks to Adero for sponsoring this post and video. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support



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