If you follow me on Instagram, then you heard the news a couple of weeks ago: we’re pregnant with baby number 3 and we couldn’t be more excited.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica Simmons

Yes, this was a surprise to us. We weren’t trying but we weren’t not trying because, married – LOL – but becoming a family of 5 seems so perfect. There are a lot of life changes happening for our family (will share more details soon) and while a new baby comes with more work and moving parts, we’re happy to accept the challenge. Honestly, I just feel incredibly blessed.

As you know, we have two girls already – Maizah, 4 and Caliana, 18 months – so while I am hoping for a boy, a healthy baby is what we want most. Honestly, I just want Chris to get a little bit of a break from all this girl energy in the house. Coincidentally, I’m due one week before Cali turns two! Lots to do before our new addition in January! 

You guys have been nothing but kind and supportive since we made the announcement on Instagram and Facebook. Chris and I are so thankful appreciate of your sweet comments.