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Farewell to our First Home

Aug 7, 2019 | Featured, Home

By the time you guys read this, we will have moved out of our first home. (We’re currently staying with my in laws for a few weeks until the new house is ready.) I truly do love this house so much and I’m really going to miss it. We bought it in June 2009, 3 months before we got married. We had nothing but our clothes and the little bit of furniture from Chris’ apartment. 

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica Simmons

It was a lovely ranch home built in 1960 that was gutted and renovated with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It sat on an acre of land which is one of the things we are going to miss most about it. We’ve had so many awesome Memorial Day get togethers and birthday parties here in the backyard with loved ones that I will always remember.

This is where the foundation of our marriage and family was established. We brought Maizah and Caliana home from the hospital here and I started my blog and business here. We’ve had some hard times here, too. However, the thing I appreciate most during the good times or bad was that this was home – somewhere we could always come back to and regroup. 

I also love this house because it gave us experience as homeowners (aka fix all the problems yourself). Our most memorable moments:

  • Moving in & having the red cooler as a fridge for a week
  • Watching old movies & eating junk food for our honeymoon (it stormed the entire week after our wedding & we got rained out so we stayed home)
  • Game nights with friends!
  • Christmas mornings
  • The kitchen sink doing whatever it wants at any given time
  • Turning Chris’ office to Maizah’s (and eventually, Caliana’s) room
  • A furry friend in the garage the first year we lived there
  • My 30th birthday party
  • Cutting down the trees around the house 
  • Bringing Maizah & Caliana home
  • Frank the bunny living in our front yard every spring for 4 years
  • 5 Memorial Day parties in our backyard
  • Maizah’s 4th birthday party

So many memories! While Caliana will probably never remember this house and Maizah has a few memories that will stay with her from it, Chris & I will never forget it. 


  1. Narsha N Njoya

    Congratulations on the move! A long time of prayer and intentional decision making is bringing you and Chris such a lovely blessing! So excited to see how well the fam settles in and makes a whole set of new memories!

    Enjoy it!

  2. Delonda Parks-Burns



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