The Dining Room So Far Update

Apr 9, 2020 | Decor, Featured

Well, we had all sorts of home projects going here at the James House which have now been put on hold because of the global pandemic. The dining room would’ve – should’ve – could’ve been done, but I’m extending myself grace during this time. However, I have had many questions about the dining room that I wanted to show you how it’s come about so far.

We have a formal dining room that is the first room you see when you enter our house through the front door. My goal has been to make this room, the statement room that reflects gorgeous decor and the time of year it is. 

I still need to get decor, dinnerware, art work and a plant for it, but we’ve done a lot so far.

First, the table is from my old 9 to 5. My boss gifted it to me when we were redecorating the showroom and he asked if I wanted it. It’s one of those really solid dining tables made out of real wood. It’s super heavy but it’s so gorgeous to me. We also kept the velvet dining room chairs at the ends. I’m unsure about getting them reupholstered because I like the color of the fabric. When I add decor, I’ll make my final decision. This table seats 8 and we needed new chairs for the rest of the table. 

When I found these striped chairs, I knew instantly that they were the ones I wanted for this room. But I went on a rampage trying to find them cheaper. I ended up finding them for over $100 cheaper on Amazon which was totally worth it. 

How great are these curtains?! Found them at TJ MAXX (I miss youuuuuuuuuuu) and grabbed two pairs of panels. The curtain rod is from Target and even though the gold doesn’t match my light fixture exactly, I still like it. Gray and gold is a consistent theme throughout the entire house. 

This light fixture is one of my favorite things about this room. Before we closed on the house I knew it was the fixture I wanted for this room. (I have the pendant light versions in the kitchen.) 

I absolutely love this buffet. It’s mirrored and gold and the size is perfect. I was going to go with a sideboard in the same style but it was a couple feet longer, but I think it would’ve made the room look noticeably smaller. I plan on putting a plant in one corner and playing with decor to make the room look fuller and complete.

To personalize the room we had custom board & batten done on the center and left wall. I am so happy with it. It’s just a little inspiration from Pinterest come to life. We had the center wall painted the default paint color and chose our go to deep color – “Black Fox” by Sherwin Williams – for the left wall. Because our command center/home office is painted that color as well, we thought it made sense to make this wall a statement and allow it to blend seamlessly as you enter the kitchen.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer until it’s 100% done. 


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