Cute Pajama Set with Feathers

Jul 20, 2020 | Style

Cute pajama set for women.
cute pajama set
cute pajama set
cute pajama set

PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons

feather pajamas (in black and blue) | lipstick

I love wearing a cute pajama set to bed. I’m someone who takes her personal style seriously, even when I go to sleep. When I laid my eyes on these feather pajamas – I took awhile to commit to them because I didn’t know what color to go with. After wearing them once, I want all the colors. (The black ones are so chic, and the blue is so good as well.) Can you blame me?

If being in quarantine has taught me anything it’s to take sleep seriously. With 3 small children, I’m not getting 8 hours of sleep a night which I have come to terms with. But what I notice contributes to the quality of my sleep is the kind of pajamas I wear. If I feel good going to bed, I tend to get better sleep. Turns out, your mindset matters – even when it comes to what you wear to bed.

And I’ll be honest with you – a cute pajama set makes me feel good. Naturally, I’m not always as fancy as pictured here and I go with a short set or cotton option. But be clear – they still have to be cute. We might as well make bedtime a well dressed occasion. (Where else are we really going during a pandemic?) I’ll admit, these are the dressiest pair I own, but I love cute pajama sets with chic details like feathers (I have a thing for feathers) or fancy buttons, prints and patterns (and pockets if possible)! 

Lastly, wearing a cute pajama set is a part of my self care. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


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