I like online shopping like the next girl and sometimes before making a purchase, I let things sit in my cart for a few moments (or even days) before purchasing. Because I like to think of you guys as friends, I thought it’s only right to share what those items are in my cart.

This week, I’ve been looking for cute spring tops with the new season quickly approaching. I live in ATL, so we don’t really have spring. We typically go from winter to a couple of weeks in April that feel like spring to full blown summer in May. So I wanted to make sure I had a few tops in my wardrobe ready for the abrupt weather change. I recently shared my spring capsule wardrobe (which I love) but I feel like I could a couple more tops and a pair of jeans or two.

Shopbop is having an awesome sale right where you get up to 25% off of full price styles.

Hubs and I have been taking our date nights more seriously now that we’ve found our rhythm (sort of) with 3 kids, so I’m eyeing this sequin number for our next date.

I have yet to get jeans from Shopbop that I’ve failed me, so that’s justification enough for me to get this pair and this one.

Are we over the Cult Gaia trend yet? I’m not. Because I’m this close to getting this bag. It’s so good.

If I could come up with the perfect top for spring would it be a sheer lace, polka dot top? Yes - please and thank you.

I’ve got a few more pieces in my cart and I’ve linked them below. If you’re interested in the Shopbop sale, hurry. It ends tomorrow 3/8!