PHOTOGRAPHY // Erica J. Simmons

For July, I wanted to encourage all of you growing as influencers to be consistent with the content you own - your blog content

As an influencer, I’ve been able to leverage my blog content to sometimes even double my rate for a campaign because blog content lives noticeably longer than social media content thanks to SEO. You can make blog content evergreen  - aka always relevant and searchable - which in turn makes it more valuable.

Do you need to blog everyday to be a successful blogger and influencer? No. But this month’s challenge is just that - a challenge. It was created to help you build your consistency muscle and exercise discipline and commitment to a part of your content creation journey.

This month’s challenge is all about: blogging consistently. The challenge starts Monday, July 6 (and is open for anyone to join and be a part). 

During the challenge you must:

  • Blog once a day - Monday through Friday only
  • Monday, July 6 thru Friday, July 31 (20 days total!)
  • Posts should be at least 150 words long and include at least one photo/visual
  • Submit your favorite blog post you wrote of the week in the Facebook group every Friday am (there will be a dedicated thread for post submissions)

I will select one challenge winner on Friday, July 31 and give them $1000 USD via PayPal. Currently, domestic and international applicants are welcome. To be considered for the prize, you MUST:

During this challenge, I’m looking for great content that keeps me interested and engaged in the influencer/blogger’s story and makes me want to read other posts on their blog. Not looking for perfection, just a really deliberate and solid effort!

I’ll be posting everyday here on the blog as well, so I’m with you guys. Be encouraged - you can totally do this! Wishing you all the best. Happy blogging!