friend, you're more than enough

This is where you Become Your Best self

While family and work are important, the best part of your life is YOU. Navigating home, work, and life can be challenging and even lonely. 

You’re not alone, so don’t be.

Here, you can make meaningful connections with other women, consume content that helps you become your best you, and get organized in life.

friendly reminder

You can't pour from an empty cup.

It’s so easy to get caught up in being everything to everyone else, but take a moment to remember who you are.

You’re a light who shines on purpose to attract the light in others for friendships that lift you up and add to your life.

You’re a queen who knows that taking care of yourself is both
a form of self-love and obedience.

You’re a good steward who understands that as soon as you get your life in order, the dreams you’re working towards will become reality.

You’re worthy and ready to do the work to go
get every good thing you’re hoping for and more.

are you feeling like this?

Exhausted from your work day and have no time

You want to stick to your habits and do self-care, but when you try, your energy is non-existent, or your time belongs to someone else

Overwhelmed by all the clutter & chaos at home

You want to plan meals and schedule your day, but you can’t even think straight because there are piles of clutter at home, in your car, and at your desk

Embarrassed to put yourself out there and reach out

You want to have meaningful connections with other women but feel silly that you’re trying to make friends as an adult and don’t have it all “together”

you're invited to join

The And More Community

see yourself

Become Your Best You

You wake up refreshed, ready for the day you planned, make time to pour into yourself, and then engage your family with joy and delight. What would happen if you found a village consistently encouraging you to:

Organize Your Life

Plan your days being goal-oriented with clarity and confidence —no more clutter or being overwhelmed.

Prioritize Self-Care

Organize your schedule and make time to take care of yourself in intentional and consistent ways.

Enjoy Motherhood

Nurture your family with joy and delight. Even on hard days, you’re prepared to engage in meaningful ways.

What’s inside the community?

resource library

Get everything from monthly meal plans to lifestyle guides and checklists in the And More Resource Library.

monthly events

From book club, monthly meal planning & charcuterie club, we have highly engaged events each month.

early podcast episodes

Our members receive episodes of The Everyday MAGIC Podcast weeks before the public.

daily lives

Monday thru Thursday, we go live with the community to encourage them before they start the day.

membership options

Whether you prefer a monthly plan or annual memberships, we have two flexible options.

community group chat

Stay connected with members via the group chat where we’re kiki-ing or rooting for each others’ wins.

iron sharpens iron

Join the best online community for women.

This is where you cultivate new friendships while becoming your best you. You’ve been looking for a safe space to share your dreams and goals, get daily encouragement, and get organized in life.

You found it. Now, all you have to do is lean in.

Come For Friends,
Stay For Community

And More is the go-to community for finding new friends, staying encouraged, and getting organized in life. You’ll get inspo, connections, and resources to help you thrive on purpose. No more trying to do it all alone. Our fantastic community eagerly waits to share what works for them and root for you!

curated community events

For Your Encouragement & Enjoyment

Mornings with Mattie

In Mornings with Mattie, we go live every Monday through Thursday at 8:30a ET for an encouraging morning meetup before you start your day.

And More Book Club

Every month, our community gathers to discuss enjoyable personal development reads that encourage you to stay focused and be better.

Monthly EATS Planning

We meal plan ahead using the EATS Post-It planning method to simplify decision-making and streamline your monthly meal calendar.

special Events

Charcuterie Club

MAGIC Makers Interview Series

Seasonal Prayer

Marriage & Family Chat

Community Q&A

Our Community Leader

“Unlike other communities, the And More Community is more than a membership—it’s a MOVEMENT.”

Led by renowned influencer and entrepreneur Mattie James, our community offers unparalleled expertise, authenticity, and support. With a proven track record of transforming lives, Mattie envisioned the And More Community as the ultimate solution for women who want to thrive in life and become the best version of themselves.

As the visionary behind The Mattie James Company, Mattie brings years of experience balancing being a mom of three and a lifestyle expert and content creator. Her authentic approach, passion for personal development, and unique ability to encourage qualify her to guide women toward realizing their fullest potential.

AS Seen on:


This Is A Safe Space For


If you’re a newlywed or have been married for a while, many of our members are married and share their experiences. We talk about the ups and the downs with no judgment!


Many of us are in the season of caring for a parent or grandparent while navigating the intricacies of daily life. Our community is open and supportive of whatever season you’re in.


Whether you just became a mom or an empty nester, our community includes moms of all stages. We openly share what has and hasn’t worked for us in motherhood. You do not have to be a mom to join.


This space is not exclusive to entrepreneurs or those with a traditional 9-to-5. Balancing work and life is a delicate task we’re all trying to overcome. You’re welcome, whatever your profession.


While you’re here, you’ll quickly notice that we discuss our dreams, hopes, plans, and the Word and aim to live by it. If you consider yourself a woman of faith, this is very much the space for you.


This is a place of peace and a safe space for women to make genuine and authentic connections. Friendship is a priority here at And More, and anything that contradicts it does not align with our community.

Monthly Membership

Join the And More Community for the cost of a venti coffee & treat
$ 12 Billed Monthly
  • Exclusive daily lives for encouragement with Mattie
  • The And More Resource Library (with downloadable monthly PDFs)
  • Early access to The Everyday MAGIC Podcast episodes
  • Monthly virtual events (book club, meal planning, etc.)
  • Private group chat with And More members

Annual Membership

Get 2 Months Off of the Monthly Subscription Price with this option
$ 120 Billed Annualy
  • Exclusive daily lives for encouragement with Mattie
  • The And More Resource Library (with downloadable monthly PDFs)
  • Early access to The Everyday MAGIC Podcast episodes
  • Monthly virtual events (book club, meal planning, etc.)
  • Private group chat with And More members

Build meaningful connections while becoming your best you.

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