With 3 little ones, the kitchen gets messy fast and because my kitchen is the center of our home, deep cleaning has to happen to it at least once a week. (And I always feel more motivated to clean in the spring.) My grandmother always deep cleaned her home every Saturday morning with Pine-Sol and I carry that same tradition at my house now.

Pine-Sol helps get the deep clean I love and their most recent initiative is helping Black women entrepreneurs. They recently launched their Pine-Store for the first time and all proceeds from the store go to digital undivided, a nonprofit that supports Black women entrepreneurs. To help support this initiative, fashion designer and creative director Vashtie Kola recently designed a pair of Pine-Sol custom shoes for the Pine-Store. The shoes have sold out, but other must-have items are still available!

To shop the first ever Pine-Store and support Black women entrepreneurs check out PineStore.com.

Watch above to see how I spring clean my kitchen with Pine Sol.

For spring cleaning the kitchen, I like to focus on all the hot spots – the areas we grab the most. That includes the sink, counters, cabinet handles and refrigerator doors at my house.

I take undiluted Pine Sol, pour it on a sponge and wipe down all the handles, surfaces and counters. Because I’m using it undiluted, I wear gloves while cleaning. After 10 minutes, I make sure to go back and rinse with clean water.

I do this with my floors as well. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be long, just done. And just like Grandma did on Saturday mornings, I’m keeping her cleaning traditions alive.

This blog post is sponsored by Pine Sol.