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3 Bras for Summer Every Woman Should Own

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Featured, Style

3 Bras For Summer Every Woman Should Own

3 Bras For Summer Every Woman Should Own

3 Bras For Summer Every Woman Should Own 3 Bras For Summer Every Woman Should Own

3 Bras For Summer Every Woman Should Own 3 Bras For Summer Every Woman Should Own

This post is sponsored by Wacoal. All thoughts opinions are my own.


It’s always so fun to dress in the summer because of all the things you can wear now that the warm weather is here. However, the thing that always seems inconvenient is what bra to wear. Thanks to Wacoal and the variety they offer, I was finally able to find the perfect bras for summer.


First, when’s the last time you’ve gotten a bra fitting?


Mine was almost a decade ago. I got a fitting when I was 24 and was so sure that that one time was enough. Man, I was wrong. So was my bra size. I have been wearing a 34B all this time only to find out that I am a 32DD. When my Wacoal bra specialist fitted me and told me I was a DD, I was sure I misheard. But when I put on the bra, it fit perfectly. All to say, if you haven’t gotten a bra fitting within the year – which is how often you should get one because our bodies change – go get one!


When it comes to bras for summer, there are 3 that work for me no matter what I wear.


First, is the strapless bra – and you can wear a strapless bra up to a size H. If it’s the right size, it. will. work. for. You. The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Underwire Bra is comfortable and doesn’t shift at all. That was the problem with my strapless bras in the past. It was always riding up – that’s because it was the wrong size! This bra is perfect for bandeau tops and dresses. And it has convertible straps, which I love. It can be worn five different ways: traditional, halter, crisscross, one shoulder and strapless!


Secondly, I have so many sleeveless + racerback tops and dresses that I haven’t worn because I didn’t have the right bra for it. The Wacoal Halo Lace Underwire Bra is so good. Easily my favorite out of the summer bras. Even though it’s lace, it’s so smooth underneath clothes. Plus you can hook the straps so it converts to racerback in seconds.


Lastly, there’s the La Femme Underwire T-Shirt Bra, which is my new go to t-shirt bra. Super smooth so it’s seamless when you wear a t-shirt. My favorite thing about this bra is that it’s cut lower than the other bras, so you can wear it with V-neck or low cut tops and dresses.


A huge thanks to Wacoal for sponsoring this post and giving me my new go to bras for summer!


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