Book Review: Fringe Hours

Aug 13, 2018 | Featured, Lifestyle

I’ve been reading a lot more this year – it’s one of those things I’ve told myself I would do time and time again only to scroll timelines more and binge watch TV too much.

Last year, I listened to Pat Flynn’s podcast where he interviewed Jessica Turner a blogger turned author and she spoke about her book Fringe Hours. The interview blew me away. Not only was Jessica a blogger and now author, she was also a wife and mom with a full time job. She explained that she found time to do the things she’s passionate about by maximizing her “Fringe Hours.”

I was instantly sold.

Months later, I bought the book and it just sat on my book shelf. 3 weeks ago I finally decided to dive in and man, I’m so grateful I did. It completely shifted my mindset on how I used my time.

While the book goes into how to maximize your time (which is HUGE for most women) it also went into how to prioritize self care. I’ll be the first to admit that I associated self care with relaxing with a massage, taking a nap or even a long bubble bath. Those things count, but doing things you’re passionate about and that feed your soul is also self care. The book then encourages you while laying out realistic ways to make more time for those things. From reading, painting, exercising and more – there are endless stories in the book of women who had trouble finding a way to use their fringe hours and then other stories about how they make time for themselves.

Essentially, the book leaves you feeling empowered – vs. guilty – about making time for you and how to do it no matter what season you are in your life.

It’s an easy read – I did a chapter a day and finished it in a little less than two weeks. The text read very conversational – Jessica’s voice is super relatable and honest. She also breaks down the book into four parts – Explore, Discover, Maximize & Living Well – which makes each chapter super intentional on what they takeaway should be.

If you feel like you have no time for yourself, this is the book for you. Not only will you realize how much time you have, but also exactly what you should be doing with it. Read it, read it, read it.

Easily, five out of five stars for me. Buy Fringe Hours on Amazon here.


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