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By now, I think we can all agree that back to school is different from previous years. For me, it’s important that it isn’t any less special for Maizah. That’s why I headed to Etsy to order some one of a kind items for back to school

Maizah is in first grade this year - I know, time is flying! - and she takes art and science pretty seriously. She loves to be creative (just like her dad!) and I wanted to update some everyday items like crayons and find something perfect for her. For back to school, Etsy has a curated list of items for just about anyone. One of my favorite things about Etsy is that they are great for finding personalized pieces which is exactly what I was able to do for back to school

Typically, Maizah and Caliana go to the same school, but when her school went partially virtual, we decided to only keep Maizah in everyday classes and homeschool Caliana since she’s 2. Maizah has a more structured day than Cali does, but for the sake of peace, I got them a personalized pencil holder with both of their names on it.

It’s always been important to us to make sure Maizah’s teachers feel appreciated and I really liked how many teacher appreciation options Etsy has. No matter what your kid’s teacher is into, Etsy has such a great variety of options, you’ll definitely be able to find something you, your kid and their teacher will love. Maizah wrote her science teacher a little note to personalize a teacher appreciation plant stake. They engraved Maizah’s handwriting on the stake - which I thought was so cool. Maizah is so excited to send it to her teacher. 

Without a doubt, Maizah’s favorite back to school item I got from Etsy, are these personalized crayons that spell out her name. She loves to color and when she saw these she lit up. She’s been talking about them nonstop. They’re absolutely a hit with her. 

If you’re looking for back to school items perfect for your kid this season, Etsy curated shopping lists have nailed it. It’s a great way to update some everyday items at home while making this very different school still very special.