August 31, 2018

Baby Wash Day

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Now that Caliana is almost 8 months old, I feel like her hair is getting so long. Of course, because she’s still an infant, we have to use products that are gentle enough for her to use. However, even if the product is gentle, I still need it to be effective – especially when it comes to her little baby curls.


As I mentioned in a previous post, JOHNSON’S recently relaunched their washes, lotions and haircare products, eliminating 50% of their ingredients, including dyes and sulfates. One of my favorite products was their iconic gold Baby Shampoo. The smell is so nostalgic and makes me think about my childhood.


Now, the shampoo is clear, but the bottle is gold (the same color as the shampoo previously was) so it stands out on the shelves in stores. I love that. Sometimes when a company rebrands, it’s hard to find a product you love because they switched everything up. I am thankful that JOHNSON’S was so thoughtful with this.


While the packaging is cool, how the product works is more important to me.


Caliana’s little curls are so delicate and keeping her hair tangle free, moisturized and smelling baby fresh is always my goal when we wash her hair.


The lather of the shampoo was lush without being too sudsy, and a little bit goes a long way. I simply put a quarter size amount of shampoo in my hand and lather it in her wet hair. Cali has cradle cap so to help moisturize her scalp, I generously conditioned it with coconut oil before shampooing. The JOHNSON’S got rid of the oily residue with one wash and leaves her hair soft, shiny and manageable.


What made the process easier for sure was the shape of the bottle when she was in the bath. She is so wiggly nowadays that I drop a bottle all the time with my wet hands while keeping an eye on her. Not only did JOHNSON’S rebrand the formula of their baby shampoo but also redesigned the bottle making it ergonomically shaped for easier handling.


All in all, I really like the new JOHNSON’S Baby Shampoo – the bottle, the new formula and the same classic scent! This is a new staple for us during bath time for sure.



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