April Q&A

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Is it me or was April incredibly fast? I know we stayed at home for the last few weeks, so maybe that’s why it all seems like a blur. But what I am excited about is how much you guys have made this a community here and on Instagram. Engaging with all of you and connecting especially during this time is such a treat. It’s that time again where I answer your questions (that are too long to answer on Stories) here on the blog. 


How do you stay motivated?

I shared this on Instagram but happy to reiterate here - when I’m motivated, I really lean into it. I say affirmations, read and listen to content that excites me. But I am more disciplined than I am motivated. Motivation is the cherry on top of execution. It feels good. But cherries aren’t always in season. Discipline is. Because it always produces fruit. 

What is your advice for someone struggling with discipline?

Discipline is really hard. While I’m someone who is typically disciplined, some seasons are stronger than others. It’s really all about getting clear on why you want something. Why is a certain  goal important to you? Is it to become famous? To get money? To lose weight? To grow? The more specific you are, the better. It’s important to be clear on why you’re doing something so your commitment is rooted in purpose instead of vanity. Sure, doing something consistently sounds good, but understanding why you’re doing it will actually help you stay disciplined.

Who was your first brand deal?

I started blogging “for real” in 2010. My first deal was in 2011 with American Express for their pre-paid debit card. They paid me $250 (for a blog post) and gave me two tickets to the Earth, Wind & Fire concert. It was such a big deal to me!

Do you think blogging/influencing will be around in 10 years?

Absolutely. Unless the Internet goes away, not only will influencing and blogging be around, it’ll be at the forefront of pop culture and entertainment industry. Influencers will be on covers of magazines, run the top lifestyle companies and ultimately become the new celebrity.

Do I need to have a digital camera to get my photos to look like yours?

Not necessarily. You can absolutely achieve high quality photos like mine with a smartphone that takes good photos (which many of us have). It’s also all about editing - I use Lightroom with presets. I currently use the Brown Sugar preset from Marrica Evans.

What made you want to become an influencer?

I’ve always wanted to be famous - on some sort of stage. For a long time, I thought I would become a pop star. Turns out, the music industry wasn’t my cup of tea. Because I had gone to school for journalism, blogging became a natural fit. When the influencer marketing industry really became a thing, I was already in the position to become one and do it at a full time level. I love the interaction I have with my followers and the relationships I’ve created with brands I use and love. Making a living off of being myself using products and services I love was what really made me want to do it.

How long have you and Chris been married?

10 years. We got married in September 2009.

What are the brand of lashes you’ve been wearing lately?

I get this question often and always answer you guys individually. (LOL.) 90% if I’m wearing strip lashes, I’m wearing Iconic by House of Lashes. (You can get the Lite version of them at Sephora.)

How do you keep a schedule where you can still work with a newborn around?

It’s all about establishing a routine and being consistent with it. That’s easier said than done. Understand that in the beginning, your job is to get sleep because you won’t be doing any worthwhile work when you’re sleep deprived. But if you have help (spouse, family, etc.) and you find your rhythm when baby is 8-12 weeks old, establish a clear morning and evening routine. That way you and baby know what to expect when you wake up and go to bed. It’s also important to have a general idea of when naps will be taken and how long. I typically work during baby’s naps and because he’s 4 months, the nap can be anywhere from 20 minutes long or 2 hours long. It’s all about figuring out you and your baby’s rhythm and building your work schedule around that. They don’t stay newborns forever, so if you can’t your rhythm that’s ok too. You can figure it out once they hit that 6 month mark.