A Promise To My Daughters

Aug 13, 2018 | Featured, Motherhood

This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Raising two little ones (under the age of 4) is no piece of cake. (Even though that does help at the end of some days.) But being their mom is one of my favorite things. And what I’ve realized is that using purposeful products makes the hard days simpler and the good days great!


It’s been really cool working with JOHNSON’S because they’ve recently revamped all of their products. My favorite thing about the revamp is that they’ve eliminated 50% of ingredients including sulfates and dyes and have been very intentional (and transparent) about the kind of fragrances they use. You’ll notice that most products (adult and baby alike) will vaguely only list “fragrance” in the ingredients list. Now, JOHNSON’S lists what is in that fragrance.


This is one of their 5 promises in their new mission. It really makes me feel confident when I use their products. Caliana has baby eczema and the products I use absolutely effect it. I have to moisturize her skin 2-3 times day and if the product doesn’t work for her () she will have a flare up. Using purposeful ingredients as her mom isn’t just a preference, it’s a priority.


For the longest time, I was only using coconut oil on her because everything else I had tried just wasn’t doing it. It would either cause a flare up or would leave an annoying sticky residue. Now, I pair the new  with coconut oil to make sure she’s moisturized. I do that once in the morning when she starts her day and again right after her bath. My favorite part about the is that it has fibers of cotton in the product to help it absorb in the skin and ensure it doesn’t leave any weird sticky residue. I use it on Maizah, too! Plus, the smell is so soft and joyful. Makes me want to use it on myself!


When we get ready to start our day or wrap up a hectic one during bath time, I don’t want to have to worry about a product I’m using. JOHNSON’S making a promise to use purposeful ingredients has made my job as a mom a lot easier when I select products for the girls for their daily routines.


One thing I always promise my girls to do is to use purposeful ingredients when taking care of them. And thanks to JOHNSON’S they’ve helped me fulfill said promise.

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  1. Margo

    TJ has baby eczema as well. I’ve been on that count oil and aquaphor but I’m glad to hear that I potentially have other options to try via tried and true Johnson’s. Thanks for the tea, sis!


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