I cannot believe I’m 6 months pregnant. Maybe because it’s my second pregnancy time is flying by, but I swear I announced my pregnancy what seems like last week. But I’m happy to say I’m feeling good and have lots of energy.

My belly is getting heavy. I’m showing to be 2cm bigger than I “should” because of my fibroids. But I’ve wearing a pregnancy support belt to help keep my belly up (and prevent stretch marks from my belly pulling down) and support my back. When I don’t wear it and stand for longer than 30 minutes my back feels noticeably fatigued but nothing painful.

This last month, I feel like I got a wave of energy. During my first trimester, I slept quite a bit, but by week 14 I didn’t feel as tired. Now, I feel like even more like my usual self (with a bump of course) and I’m maximizing my days without over exerting myself. I’m working, cooking, cleaning, etc. as usual and avoiding bending down and being on my feet for too long.

I have been much more intentional about my water and vitamin intake. Right now, I aim for 3 liters of water a day. Trust me – I feel like you probably did when you heard that amount – that is A LOT of water. But when I’m dehydrated during pregnancy I get horrible headaches almost instantly. Realistically, I’m hitting the mark a couple of times a week. But most times I manage to get 1.5 to 2 liters in instead.

I’m taking a prenatal vitamin twice a day and also added a vitamin D, fish oil and probiotic in my daily vitamin line up as well. My skin and hair tend to do noticeably better when I include fish oil in the mix. And while I get vitamin D in my prenatal, I still have a deficiency so my midwife suggested taking a 400 IU supplement daily as well. I try my best to go outside for about 15 minutes a day to let the sun hit my face as well.

Maizah turned 3 this last month and she’ll be going to school in a couple of weeks. That has been way harder than I ever expected. I cried 4 times on her birthday and when the school calls to schedule appointments, I have slight panic attacks. I knew when the time came for her to go to school, I would take it hard, but it’s much more overwhelming than I anticipated. I know she’ll be fine, it’s just hard realizing she’s not a baby anymore.

As far as style, I’ve been staying loyal to loose fitting tops and maternity denim. It’s kind of my maternity uniform, but I also really enjoy a bodycon dress too to show off my baby bump. When I go out on dates with Hubs, that’s my go to date look. And while you see me wearing heels in an outfit post here or there, please be clear, I’m in flats 90% of the time.

Well, that’s how month 5 of pregnancy treated me. In this next month, I’m finally going to get my baby registry together, start finalizing baby shower plans and transition Maizah’s room into a shared room for a newborn and toddler. Stay tuned!