We have to stop making self-care optional.

This is one of those lessons that 2021 has taught me. I’ve learned it loud and clear – and thankfully before anything was wrong. A few weeks ago my sister Maya surprised me with a 24 hour self care day. It was lovely. This is massive for my self-care. She coordinated it with Hubs and my team and no one could bother me for the day. I got a massage, I ate without having to share and I got to write uninterrupted. This was massive for my self care. It allowed me to come back home, to my family and for work completely refreshed and restored.

I’m so grateful for that time alone and plan on making it a habit a handful of times throughout the year.

Here’s what I was most thankful for (aside from Maya’s thoughtfulness) that I wasn’t there due to burnout. I wasn’t so exhausted that day that I couldn’t enjoy it.

A lot of us are using self-care as a “break and use in case of emergency” when actually it’s really just an update of your “self software.”

Stay up to date on caring for yourself. Stop using self-care as a last straw.